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A woman spraying product into her hair.

No time to lather up? Try these 3 dry shampoos to add a little life to your ‘do

Sometimes you just don't have time to do a complete wash and style of your hair. These dry shampoos will buy you a little time and keep you looking great.
closeup of woman wearing a red hat with beach in background

3 ways to keep your summer glow

Just because we said goodbye to summer doesn't mean you have to give up that glow that makes you feel so good. We show you how to hold on to the shimmer.
Fall nail polish colors and fall leaves.

Get a jump on the hottest nail colors for fall 2021

Get a jump on the hottest nail colors for fall. Some may surprise you.
Organic ingredients on a circular tray.

6 best natural ingredients for skin you should try

When it comes to your skin, natural is best. Check out these products that will give you a healthy glow without chemicals.
A woman holding up a bottle of face toner and a cotton pad to use.

Demystifying toner: The 411 on what it is and choosing the best one for you

There's lots of talk about the importance of using toner as part of your skincare routine, but what is it and how do you know what's best for you?
A woman with a healthy head of sleek hair.

The best leave in conditioners we’ve tried is under $30

Leave-in conditioner can make your hair soft and manageable. Best of all, it doesn't have to break the bank.
A woman smelling the scent on her wrist.

What are skin scents? What you need to know about this fragrance trend

The use of skin scents as a far more subtle, more natural version of perfume. Here's what you need to know.
Waxing tools with some floral decor.

Sugaring vs Waxing: Which is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair

Is sugaring or waxing better for removing unwanted hair? We get to the root of the issue
A man rubbing his hand along his beard.

Why you should begin using beard oil right now

Beard oil will not only soften and condition your beard, it can promote growth.
A man shaving his head.

Is it time to shave your head? More men are going all in against thinning hair

If you find your hair isn't as lush as it used to be, it may be time to consider shaving your head.
A woman and her pet lying on the floor next to an air purifier.

How to choose the best type of air purifier for you

Air purifiers can remove germs, dust and allergens from the air in your home. We'll help you decide the best one for your home.
The back of the head of a woman with beautiful hair.

5 incredible benefits of coconut water for hair to consider

We are all familiar with the benefits of drinking coconut water but it is also great for your hair,
Various perfume bottles laying on a plush surface.

Making sense of scents: The difference between potencies of fragrances

There are so many potencies of perfumes. Here are the differences and why you should care.
Fenugreek plant and seeds in a wood spoon.

Fenugreek seeds can make your hair healthier: here’s why

Healthier hair is easier when you incorporate fenugreek seeds into your routine.
A woman with red curly hair wearing a blue shirt.

How to build the best haircare routine for your curly hair

Curly hair can be a bit hard to manage. Read these ideas to get your mane under control.
An aisle of Korean beauty products.

K-pop is fun, but what about K-beauty? The safety of products sourced in Korea

Korean skincare products are becoming increasingly popular partly because of their exotic ingredients. But are they safe?
Perfumes laying on a bed of colorful fall leaves.

Good, better, best: Hypoallergenic fragrances perfect for fall

Our top three choices for hypoallergenic fragrances for the fall.
A woman using an eyelash curler.

How to curl eyelashes the right way

If you need to know the right way to curl your eyelashes, read this now.
A woman getting hair removal done on her legs.

7 important laser hair removal tips you should know

Important things you need to know before you try laser health removal.
Woman applying sunscreen on the beach

Sun protection: What’s good, what’s not, and what’s new

We look at the different types of sun protection, recent safety concerns, and some new buzzworthy trends you’ll want to check out.
A Black woman with gorgeous hair.

8 Black-owned hair care brands you’ll want to check out

Black-owned businesses need our support. Start with these haircare brands.
A woman with beautiful curly hair.

How to make your hair look healthy in 5 simple steps

Our tips will have your hair looking healthy in no time.
A woman with long, shiny, healthy hair.

5 best clean beauty products under $30 for shiny hair

Want to keep your beauty products clean? Try these for shiny hair.
Woman with tattoos applying mascara

The best makeup tips we learned on TikTok

Add some pizzaz to your look by checking out these great makeup tips on TikTok
A woman looking at her face in a mirror.

6 common bumps on faces (and how to get rid of them)

Find out what that bump is on your face and the best way to get rid of it.
a bathroom counter with three unbranded creams and plant

The top natural remedies for nixing sunburn fast

Try these natural remedies to take the burn out of sunburn.
A woman holding up a serum bottle and an orange.

Why you should look for skincare products with vitamin C

Vitamin C can make your skin look brighter and firmer while improving skin tone and fading dark spots. Here's what you need to know and some products we love.
A woman putting on trendy eye makeup.

5 fantastic eye makeup trends on TikTok you should try

Are you looking for a way to step up your beauty game? These adventurous TikTok eye makeup trends will keep you on the cutting edge of the newest looks.
Rice water and an assortment of other ingredients on the table.

Is rice water good for your hair? What you need to know

As strange as it seems rice water can be beneficial to your hair, adding strength and luster. Here's everything you need to know about rice water and your hair.
A group of people jogging outside in the sun.

The best summer skincare routine for outdoor workouts

The summer weather is begging you to take your workout outdoors. Be sure to protect your skin from the added exposure. This guide will keep your skin protected.
A woman doing makeup tutorial on video.

4 incredible YouTube makeup tutorials that only use drugstore products

Don't break the bank with your beauty routine. The tutorials by these four YouTubers will show you how to put your best face forward with drugstore makeup.
A woman with curly hair spraying product in her hair.

The best haircare products under $30 to tame curly hair

Tired of your curls losing the battle to frizz? Your hair needs moisture and control to look its best. If you have curly hair, try these "best of" products.
A woman holding tea bags up to her eyes.

How to reduce puffy eyes quickly

Plenty of sleep, and moderate alcohol and salt intake prevent puffy eyes. But if you need a little help, these strategies can reduce puffy eyes quickly.
A mom putting sunscreen on her child's back.

How to choose an all-natural sunscreen

Those chemicals in your sunscreen could get into your bloodstream, which may cause problems. Need help finding an all-natural sunscreen? We've got you covered.
Spray and other beachy items laid out on the beach.

4 best sea salt sprays under $20 for beachy waves

Looking for that tousled-hair-don't care, just back from the shore look? Try these affordable sea salt sprays for getting beachy waves without leaving home.