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Get a jump on the hottest nail colors for fall 2021

There is nothing we love more than fall. The deep, rich, darker tones. The makeup looks. The accessories. The comfy socks. The scents of pumpkin and apple are always in the air. We can’t find a single thing about autumn that isn’t exciting.

One way to express your love of fall is through your nails. Whether you love to keep it all the same color, use a few different ones, play with nail art, or have the best time experimenting with different designs, hot fall colors are on their way. Let’s check out all of the fall nail colors we can so you can have your whole fall nail lineup ready to go.

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Fall-themed nails, leaves, and an orange sweater background.

Neutrals never die

Neutrals? In fall? If you want to keep it simple this fall, we have your nails covered. You can always bring more colors in through your clothes.


You can never say no to a basic nude nail. But pick a slightly different shade than you’re used to. essie Nail Polish comes in a great variety of nude shades. From lighter to deeper beiges, you can find a new neutral to compliment your fall wardrobe. We love the Wild Nude lighter beige color. But we also love that their polishes are all vegan.

Pretty in pink

Pink isn’t only for the spring. It’s hot for fall as well. Choose a lighter shade and it will serve as a perfect neutral that will go with whatever vibes your outfit is giving. This plant-based, vegan polish in Mani Meditation by NAILS INC. is the right shade. It’s also paraben, sulfate, and cruelty-free.

Bonfire burnt

Burnt oranges and, burnt reds are some of the most in-demand shades for fall. The trick is to keep it darker and avoid bright or neon tones better suited for when the temperature is higher.

Deeper orange

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color offers a few shades that fit the bill. Sundown Socialite is our favorite. It’s the perfect darker orange that will compliment all of your pumpkin spice looks.

Rustic red

If you’d rather see red, NAILS INC. offers the most gorgeous deeper hue you will find anywhere. The Swear By Salutation is rich in color and will always be in this fall.

A deep berry nail polish on a bed of acorns.

Dark shadows

We love the darker hues fall brings. You don’t have to wear black polish to have a bewitching time in the autumn months.

Dark berry shades

To stay in style this fall, put the deepest, richest shades of your favorite berry on your nails. OPU has a handful of beautifully dark options. Yes, My Condor Can-Do! and Raisin’ The Bar are both amazing options darker purple berry colors that make a statement and carry mystique.

Dark green

Though green leaves fade away to browns and oranges for fall, you can still rock it on your nails. Keep it a few shades darker and you’ll be all set to keep some green through the season. CND VINYLUX Long Wear Nail Polish in Aura is our new favorite. It’s also packed with vitamin E and jojoba oil to help keep nails healthy.

Gray slate

Darker grays are everywhere for autumn. We love them because they can serve as a neutral and will work with almost any wardrobe choice. OPI has a few amazing darker grays. With a blue tint or a straight gray slate, you’ll be able to find your shade of gray. Their Rub-a-Pub-Pub is our favorite coal color.

White painted nails with a coffee and leaves in the background.

Some fun options

The basic neutrals or autumn-approved shades aren’t your only options for the season. You can get a little funky for fall.

White hues

Did you used to paint your nails with white-out during homeroom? Neither did we. Okay, we did. But whites are in for the fall. It might seem too bright in a season of warmer shades, but it works.

OPI’s  Hue is the Artist? with its slightest touch of lavender is a must-have for fall

Terracotta pink

Still steering away from bright, bold pinks, another shade is popping up all over for fall. essie’s Mrs. Always-Right is a fun, playful shade of pink that will still fit right in with the fall palette.


Is it red? Is it orange? Who cares – it’s just a fun color that works well in the summer and is still going strong for fall. If you want a brighter nail for autumn, this is your new best friend. Nailtopia’s Red Hot Summa (that can be worn in the fall) is the perfect balance between red and orange.

Just looking at these colors has us ready to grab those boot socks, bust out a scarf, and pick out a Halloween costume. But, fall’s hottest nail colors won’t have you running scared. There are plenty of options so no matter what palette you are most comfortable with, you can find your go-to. After checking out all of these beautiful fall nail polish options, you can get your hands ready for those pumpkin spice latte Insta sessions.

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