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A young woman smiling and having fun with a palate of makeup.

Does your teen want to wear makeup? What you need to know

Is now the right time for your teen to wear daily makeup? What you need to know
A woman applying skincare products to her face.

Your handy guide to getting rid of dark spots

With these helpful tips, dark spots will fade in no time.
A woman getting a facial treatment

How to know when your dry skin is worthy of a trip to the dermatologist

Do you need to see a dermatologist for your dry skin?
A woman putting an exfoliating face mask on.

How often should you exfoliate? Here’s what experts think

Experts weigh in on how often you should be exfoliating.
clean sunscreen skin woman applying beach

Good, better, best: 3 sunscreens that actually work 

Protecting your skin from sun damage is vital. These three sunscreens can help.
Woman holding up a bottle of serum to her face.

Why glycolic acid will benefit your skin (and the best products to use)

What you need to know about glycolic acid and your skin
Makeup neatly spilling out of a makeup bag

How to choose the right concealer for your skin tone

This is what you need to know to pick the right concealer for your skin tone.
A woman enjoying a bath

Everything you need to know about body exfoliation

Body exfoliation is important for healthy and glowing skin. Here's what you need to know.
A woman with beautiful wavy hair

Here’s how to get that effortless beachy wave

Everyone loves the look of beachy waves. Achieve mermaid hair in these simple steps.
Woman looking at her face in a mirror

Gaping nose pores? Here’s what to try

Smaller nose pores are possible with these solutions.
A group of happy teenagers

Good, better, best: Face wash for teens

Acne is a problem that teens and adults alike can face. These three face washes work well for teens.
A woman washing her hair

Are there special shampoos to use when you’re pregnant?

Everything pregnant women should know about which shampoo to use
A woman with a natural, glowing makeup look

This is how to do natural glowy makeup

Get a natural glow every day if you follow these makeup tips and tricks.
A woman applying a skin care product

What you need to know about turmeric for skin: Health benefits, uses, and more

Turmeric offers a number of advantages for your skin
woman using magnifying glass to show dry skin

The best treatments and products to tame dry skin

Dry skin can be uncomfortable. Thankfully, this condition is very common, and there is a wide array of treatments and products that combat it.
face puffiness remedies woman touching mirror

These natural remedies help reduce facial puffiness

Reduce facial puffiness with these all-natural, easy remedies
foundation swatches on arm for color comparison

Choose the right foundation color with this skin matching guide

Picking the right shade for you can be challenging but this guide makes it easy
sea salt hair spray curly haired woman

What can sea salt spray do for natural hair?

What can sea salt spray do for your hair? Depends on the texture - read to find out!
tik tok rice water trend results washriceinwoodenbowl 266x266

We tried the TikTok rice water trend, and this is how our hair reacted

Does rice water actually make your hair shiny? This is what we found.
two women wearing face masks and towels

The perfect skincare routine for your teen

Get your teen started on the right routine with this skincare guide any kid can use
turmeric powder and oil on table with flower

5 Turmeric-based products that may actually help your skin

What can turmeric do for your skin? Check out these products to learn more
where to buy contact lenses best places 2021

Here are the 7 best places to shop for contact lenses

Here are some of the best online retailers launching contact lens brands and options for ordering at cheaper prices than your regular eye doctor's office.
a pregnant woman dressed in white sits and holds out her hair as she looks as it

These are the best hair dye brands for pregnant women

Not all hair color brands could be safe for you and your baby — here's how to pick the best brand
woman applying face lotion in bathroom

4 lotions to help banish dry skin

If you're plagued by dry skin, these lotions can help
teen girl wears pink towel for skincare routine

Simple skincare routines for every teen

Teens don't want to spend a lot of time on their looks - these skincare routines are simple but do the trick
facial sponge and rotating brush exfoliation tools

How many times a week should you exfoliate?

Can you exfoliate too much? When is it time to give your skin a break? Here's what to know
Woman with long hair sleeping

How you should be sleeping to protect your long hair

Do you have long hair? Check out these tips for how to sleep and what to do before bed to protect your long locks from damage and leave them looking luxurious.
eyebrow shaping guide woman tweezing her eyebrows

This is the only eyebrow-shaping guide you need

Shaping eyebrows can be a challenge, even if you already know your face shape. This guide will ensure you look and feel your best.

Your hair can benefit from being wrapped overnight – here’s how

Wrapping your hair overnight has many benefits - here's what it can do for your hair.

Your hair needs an all-natural shine – here’s how to achieve it

Ensure your hair looks healthy and shiny no matter what with these ideas.
silk face mask surrounded by flowers

Here’s where a silk face mask fits in your skincare routine

What can a silk face mask do for your skin? We give you all the details.
woman applying perfume to wrist

Hypoallergenic perfumes aren’t hard to find – here are some great picks

Choosing a perfume that won't wrinkle noses can be tough. These are some of our favorites.
woman brushing her hair in front of a mirror

Keep your hair healthy with these overnight hair care tips

Overnight haircare can be challenging to nail down. Here are our ideas for the best overnight hair products.
lady applying lip balm

Looking for a natural lip balm? Here’s what to keep an eye out for

Natural lip balm can be a great addition to your beauty routine. These are the ingredients yours should contain
woman touching her face due to pores

Pores gaping on your face? Here’s what to do

No one wants a face of gaping pores. Here's how you can shrink those pesky blemishes.