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5 post-workout hair hacks you need to try

You don’t always have time to wash, dry, and style your hair after your workout. Maybe you work out during your lunch break or need to run errands afterward.  You need to look good, but you don’t have much time to fuss.

We’ve got five hair hacks to help end the struggle with your strands. From easy-to-use products, to quick and easy styling these hair care options will help you get right back to your life post-workout.

A woman wearing a headband while she works out.
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Headbands are your friend

We aren’t talking about those thin, 90s style headbands. These are made for your workout. These stylish wraps keep your hair neat while you are working out. You can keep them in post-workout for an off-the-face style or remove them and shake your hair back into place to continue your day.

You can find cute patterns, fun colors, and a headband to go with every workout outfit you have. Not only are they made to keep the sweat out of your eyes and off of your face (so you also shouldn’t have to retouch your makeup much) but they will keep your hair dry and in place as well.

Check out the 10-pack from DASUTA. You can switch up your headband look as often as you want and won’t have to worry about your hair being a mess after a workout.

Dry shampoo is magical

If you still haven’t tried dry shampoo, now’s the time. Dry shampoo uses starch or another ingredient like alcohol to soak up sweat and oil in your hair leaving it looking like you just finished drying your hair after a shower.

While using dry shampoo daily is not recommended, using it occasionally before or after your workout when you are on a tight schedule is fine. Overuse can clog up your hair follicles, which will cause a buildup and slow down hair growth. It’s best to use if you are planning to shampoo again in several hours or the next day.

Using dry shampoo correctly will give you volume and your hair won’t look like you ran a half marathon. We love RENPURE Plant Based Dry Shampoo, which contains Coconut and vitamin E to give your hair shine.

A woman ready for her workout with 2 braids in her hair.
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Braid your hair before your workout

A super-easy way for your hair to look great after a workout is to braid it before. You can make two simple braids and then spray them with a texture spray like SexyHair Texturizing Spray. The spray will lock in moisture and keep your hair from frizzing as you sweat.

Once you are finished working out and your hair has dried, take the braids out. You’ll be left with soft waves that are still full of volume. Try a light spray after you shake the waves to give them a little extra holding power.

Blast it with cold air

A quick way to get your hair looking calm after a workout is to blast it with air – but make sure it’s cold air. You can flip your head over or tie it into a loose bun so you can dry your entire hairline. The goal is to gently dry the roots, where the sweat collects. The cold air won’t leave your hair flat as hotter air would.

If you have curly hair, lightly mist your hair with some colder water. If you have a spray bottle, that’s great. Mist and flip your head and scrunch it back up. Then you can hit your hairline with cold air.

A woman working out jumping on stairs.
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Let your hair move a little

We all want our hair off of our face while we work out, but you could be putting your hair back too tightly, which isn’t good for your hair or for your style. After your workout, your hair can look limp and lifeless and your only solutions are to wash it or leave it in a tight ponytail.

Instead of pulling it tight, try a soft bun or soft ponytail. Not only will you not put pressure on your roots, but your hair will be easier to style with a texture spray or dry shampoo after. Look at what hair tie you are using. If you naturally tie the rubber ones too tightly, try a Kitsch Spiral Hair Coil. They won’t leave a noticeable crease and are gentler on your hair.

It can be a struggle to squeeze a workout into a busy day. If the idea of having to completely restyle your hair makes exercise a deal-breaker, try these tricks to keep your locks looking good when you’re done. Once you find what works best for your hair type, then you’ll be able to face the world with hair that won’t give your workout away.

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