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5 best clean beauty products under $30 for shiny hair

You absolutely love your hair. You love to try new styles and trends. But lately, you’ve been noticing it could definitely be a lot shinier. Either from over-styling, a change in your diet, or the weather, sometimes you notice your locks are lacking in the luster department.

Thankfully, there are products out there that can perk your hair up pretty quickly. The trick is finding a product that works and isn’t going to be harmful to you or the environment. That’s where we can help. It’s not the most fun standing in the hair aisle reading every single bottle to find a clean beauty product.

We found some great products that will help your hair look like it has its own spotlight without harsh chemicals. Let’s check them out.

A woman with a short haircut and shiny, beautiful hair.

Perfect Shine Clarifying Scalp Scrub

It all starts with that scalp. Your hair will look weighed down and dull if your scalp and roots aren’t healthy. You have to remove that buildup from the products you use. This scalp scrub will do just that.

Packed with helpful ingredients like sugar crystals, hyaluronic acid, and pearl extract, this scrub will leave your scalp build-up-free and more nourished. It will help exfoliate your scalp and take care of the impurities sitting on your head, and the antioxidants will revitalize your roots.

All you have to do is use it once a week in place of your shampoo. Super easy and not a lot of fuss. You use a scrub for your body to reveal softer, healthier skin. Give your scalp some exfoliating love too, and it will reward you with healthier, shinier hair.

OGX Care with Pride Liquid Pearl Shampoo

We love the whole OGX line. You can find something for any kind of hair concern. It’s a great price, too. No matter what your hair type is, this shampoo will help nourish your hair will leaving a pearly shine. The sea kelp will help smooth out your strands so your hair looks flawless. The liquid pearl extract will give you that photoshoot shine that you are hoping for.

There’s also a matching conditioner to give your hair a sleek finish. The shampoo is also sulfate and paraben-free, which is great. It lathers really well and will leave your hair smelling amazing, too.

Hair Food Avocado & Argan Smooth Hair Oil

Clean beauty, dye, sulfate, and paraben-free? Check! We all know avocado is a superfood that your body loves and craves. So it’s no wonder that it’s in so many hair products. The avocado will moisturize and nourish your hair. The argan oil will help rejuvenate and smooth out your strands so you don’t have that frizzy problem.

You’ll want to massage this into your scalp, where healthy hair starts. You should also pay attention to the ends as well. Healing those broken ends will go a long way in keeping your hair smooth and shiny.

We love that you can use this product no matter what your hair type or style preference is. Dry, damp, curly, or straight – all hair can benefit from using this hair oil.

COLOR WOW Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray

If you love a finishing spray, and we sure do, then this is one you need to try. For straight, curly, wavy, or color-treated hair, you can watch your locks go from looking simply fine to a brilliant shine. It won’t dry heavily and won’t leave your hair greasy when it sets. Only a picture-perfect glossy shine.

It has mullein, which is a flower that captures the light and lets it bounce back through your hair. You won’t find mineral oils, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or any of the other harsh ingredients that will actually harm your body over time. Even the packaging is recyclable. We love that. Style your hair as usual and finish with this spray for a radiant look.

Garnier Fructis Damage Repairing Hair Mask

Your hair won’t get its shine on because it’s dry and damaged. When a serum and shampoo aren’t enough, try this hair mask. It only needs a minute to work, so you don’t need to readjust your whole schedule. The papaya extract and helpful natural oils will bring your hair back to life. With no silicones, dyes, or parabens, this 98% natural hair mask needs to be in your rotation.

We love that you can use this as a mask, conditioner, or leave-in treatment depending on how your hair is acting. When you’re done with the bottle and your hair looks amazing, you can recycle the packaging.

So when you are ready to get that beautiful, healthy shiny hair that you’ve always wanted, just grab these amazing products. You might find your hair only needs one to shine bright, or you may find your favorite duo that always does the trick. With these clean beauty products, you can get that gorgeous hair without having to worry about any of those harsh chemicals messing with your pH balance either.

You know how happy and powerful you feel when you have a great hair day. Have them more often and feel unstoppable with any of these clean beauty products for the shiniest, healthiest hair.

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