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A woman enjoying the sunny day on the beach.

The best hair masks under $40 to repair sun damage

Your hair can get fried in the summer just like your skin can. Show your tresses some love and tenderness. These are the best hair masks to repair sun damage.
A woman doing a recording of makeup application.

3 amazing makeup tutorials from Black YouTubers we love

Applying makeup is a skill as well as an art. These Black Youtubers have created some amazing makeup tutorials and can help you find the match for your shade.
A woman deciding between two different deodorants.

Deodorant vs. antiperspirant: Which should you use?

We tend to think of deodorant and antiperspirant as interchangeable, but each has a different purpose. Find out which if you need one, the other or both.
A woman dermaplaning her face.

This is how often you should dermaplane

Brighter, smoother skin is just a few flicks of the wrist away with dermaplaning. Here's what you need to know to get started and what to expect when you do.
A woman having makeup put on her face.

7 celebrity makeup artists you need to follow on Instagram ASAP

If you're interested in seeing who's responsible for some of the latest looks from the hottest starts, follow these celebrity makeup artists on Instagram now.
Man in Blue Crew Neck Shirt Holding White and Black Bottle

The 6 men’s skin care products we can’t live without

Men's skin needs specially designed products to keep it fresh and healthy. Experts love these 6 amazing men's skincare products. Try them out and find out why!
A woman looking at makeup in a store.

5 best places to buy foundation online

Buying foundation can be challenging if you are unable to go to a store. These retailers make it easier with quizzes and photos to guide you to the right shade.
female pattern baldness treatment womanserioushairlossproblemforhealthcareshampooand 266x266

How you can combat female pattern baldness starting today

Female pattern baldness can feel like the end of the world, but it's not. Here's what you can do to fight it today.
A woman with a lot of freckles looking at the camera.

How to apply makeup to cover freckles

Freckles are beautiful, but sometimes you want them to be a little more subtle. Try these tips and products to tone them down without looking overly made up.
A woman with a trendy bob haircut.

Now is the perfect time for a bob —here’s what to say to your stylist

It's time for a chop—here's what to tell your stylist to get the perfect bob.
A woman applying eyelash serum.

Does eyelash serum work? What you need to know

Eyelash serums can help you grow more, longer, more lush lashes that will keep your store-bought ones in the drawer. Here's what you can expect from them.
A woman cleaning her face with a face pad and toner.

Is alcohol-free toner better? Why you should make the switch

This is everything you wanted to know about alcohol-free toners.
An assortment of makeup colorfully laid on a table.

The only guide to fragrance-free cosmetics you need

Frangrance -free beauty products are a must for those with sensitive skin or scent sensitivity. Here's how to find the best fragrance-free cosmetics for you.
A woman with flawless makeup out on a sunny day.

The best makeup with SPF protection under $55 you can get now

You don't need to sacrifice glamor to protect your face from the sun's harmful rays. These top 5 products offer SPF protection and help you look your best.
A woman applying face serum.

What you need to know about niacinamide for your skin

Niacinamide, a B-3 vitamin, reduces redness and acne, shrinks pores, and offers UV protection when applied to the skin. It comes in cream, gel and serum forms.
A woman putting body oil on her arm.

5 best clean body oils under $20 to combat dry skin

When lotions can't solve the problem of your dry skin, it's time to try oil. These five clean body oils are among the best for giving you softer, smoother skin.
woman applying deodorant in front of mirror

How to up your anti-sweat game this summer

No one likes to sweat. Here's some deodorant and antiperspirant tips to keep you cool and dry.
Two women sitting on the beach.

Good, better, best: Sun-protection products for your hair and scalp

These haircare products can help protect your hair and scalp from the sun.
Various makeup products laid out on a table.

What you need to know to find the best clean makeup brands

Follow these 4 tips to find natural and organic makeup brands.
A woman putting beauty oil on her face.

8 amazing benefits of argan oil for your skin

These are all the reasons why argan oil is great for your skin.
A woman putting on deodorant.

4 great natural deodorants that really work

These natural deodorants work well and are great for you and the environment.
A woman with a beauty product in her hand.

5 Beauty Deals Worth Shopping in the Walmart Prime Day Sale 2021

Prime Day is here, and while there are crazy deals at Amazon, Walmart is getting in on the action too. Here are the best deals worth shopping in Walmart's sale.
A woman enjoying the sunshine on the beach.

Do these 5 things to protect your beach hair this summer

By following these 5 steps, you can protect your beach hair in the summer.
A mom putting a mask on her child.

Why silk face masks are great for people with sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin love silk face masks. Here's why.
Pink sugar body scrub.

Good, better, best: Sugar scrubs your body will love

These are the best sugar scrubs you can get for smooth, rejuvenated skin.
A beach umbrella in between 2 beach chairs.

Good, better, best: Beach umbrellas to protect your skin

Protecting your skin from the sun is incredibly important. These beach umbrellas will do just that.
A bottle of fragrance and some flowers on a table.

The best light natural perfumes under $50 perfect for summer

Looking for a light, summery scent? Whether you prefer fruity or floral, we've got the best natural fragrances for the season.
woman touching lips and smiling

Pamper your pout: How to get your lips summer ready

The winter has been harsh on our lips. Here's how to take care of your lips for the best smile possible.
Neutral makeup pieces.

4 best Youtubers to follow for natural, everyday makeup

Follow these YouTubers today for natural makeup tips.
A woman raising her arms straight over her head.

How to get smooth armpits and ban stubble

Follow these tips for smoother armpits after you shave.
Two women on the beach looking fierce.

How to pick the right foundation for summer heat

This is what you need to know about wearing foundation in the summer.
A woman packing her suitcase for a trip.

You should leave these beauty products at home when you travel

These are the beauty products you need to travel with (and the ones you can leave at home).
A woman with beautiful hair laying in the grass on her stomach.

6 incredible hairstylists you should follow on Instagram right now

You should follow these hairstylists on Instagram if you're looking for some inspiration.
A woman with acne applying a cream to her face.

What you need to know about Curology’s personalized skincare treatments

This is everything you need to know about Curology's personalized skincare treatments.
Two cups of makeup brushes sitting on a table.

How to clean makeup brushes the right way

Cleaning your makeup brushes is essential. We tell you why and how to do it the right way.