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woman applying sunscreen at the beach

These clean sunscreen brands are best at protecting your skin from sun damage

Clean sunscreen can do wonders for your skin. We've rounded up some of our favorite brands.
woman applying makeup and curling eyelashes in a mirror

Give your lashes a lift with these eyelash curling techniques

Need to know how to curl your lashes? Never fear, we have your all-inclusive guide right here.
woman dying her own hair

Hair dye doesn’t have to be dangerous – these natural brands get the job done

Try a new color or freshen up your roots with these chemical-free brands that won't hurt your hair.
woman sleeping

Wrapping your hair at night – should you give it a try?

Wrapping your hair at night sounds like an old wives' tip, but does it have benefits? We discuss the details.
the best red hair extensions clip in

Thinking about bangs? What to tell your hairstylist to get the best style for you

Taking the plunge and getting bangs? Here's what you should know before heading to the salon.
best collagen supplements to bost your hair skin and mobility

The best collagen supplements to boost your hair, skin, and mobility

Including collagen in your diet can help with your hair skin and mobility. We've rounded up the best supplements to accommodate your lifestyles.
makeup brushes

How do you know it’s time to toss your makeup brushes?

Are your trusty makeup tools are weighed down with excess gunk? We discuss when to toss them and how to properly clean them.
bangs hairstyle ideas round face women

Hairstyles with bangs for every face shape.

Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect bang hairstyle for your face so you can leave the salon with your head held high.
jeans body size pexels neosiam 603022 1024x1024

Here’s how to choose the best jeans for any body — and budget

When it comes to finding that perfect pair of jeans, it's a lifelong pursuit. We list body types and what style complements them.
A woman applying sunscreen from a tube with a yellow background.

The best organic sunscreen you can get right now

Keep your skin all-naturally protected with these organic sunscreen suggestions.
A woman tousling her blonde hair.

Tame troublesome flyaways with brushes like these

Flyaway hairs can be a headache. These brushes will be a lifestaver when it comes to wild, untamed frizz.
A masked woman making a video call on her phone.

Silk face masks – what are they and how do they work for you?

What's a silk skin mask, and can it do your skin some good? We answer all your burning questions.
Young Black woman doing yoga with her arms raised.

Natural deodorant doesn’t always work – here’s how to find a brand that does

Not every natural deodorant brand will suit your needs. Here's how to find the best brand for you.
Girl with baby bangs surrounded by confetti and balloons.

How to give yourself salon-quality bangs at home

Cutting your bangs at home can be a challenging undertaking. Follow these guidelines to make sure you don't mess up your cut.
Close-up of a Black man with a scarred cheek.

How to choose the best products to eliminate your facial scarring

Facial scars are never pretty. Here are some of our favorite products to fade them quickly.
Closeup of a mascara wand with makeup in the background.

How to choose the best clean beauty products for your makeup bag

There are many clean beauty products on the market these days. Here are some of the best we've found.
A woman in a bathrobe drying her hair.

These 4 blowout techniques will guarantee a good hair day

Guarantee yourself a great hair day every day if you follow these blowout hairstyle tips and tricks.
A woman applying pink lip balm.

Clean beauty – what it’s all about and how it can help your skin

The clean beauty fad isn't just a passing phase. Here's what you need to know - and where to start.
a smiling woman with natural hair with her hands on her face

Your Dehydrated Skin Might Need Some Body Oil – Here’s Why

Re-hydrate your skin with body oil and our tips for the best ways to use it
yoga pants work woman 1024x1024  1

Should you wear yoga pants to work? It’s complicated

Is wearing yoga pants at the office a good idea? The answer is not as straightforward as you might think.
natural beauty products with hands

How to choose the best clean beauty products for your makeup bag

Here's a guide to choosing the best clean beauty products for your skin, health and makeup bag.
black beauty brands

Black owned beauty businesses to support right now

You can help be an ally by supporting these Black owned beauty brands
strawberry legs igor rain2 1 1024x1024

All-natural methods to get rid of strawberry legs

Having strawberry legs can make you self-conscious. We offer several tips on how to get rid of dark pores on your legs naturally. 
Woman using hair dye

Hair dye doesn’t have to be dangerous – these natural brands that get the job done

Try a new color or freshen up your roots with these chemical-free brands that won't hurt your hair.
Woman blowdrying her hair

The tools and tips you need to give yourself a blowout at home

Don't want to hit the salon? Here are the foolproof methods for blowing out your hair at home.
natural fragrance perfume options

Here’s how to choose natural fragrances that suit your style

Natural perfumes are a simple and elegant fragrance option. Here are some of our favorites.
Woman blowing out her hair

Give yourself a salon-quality blowout at home – here’s how

At-home salon treatments can make you feel and look great - try these blowout tips for your best hair day yet.
oily skin toner woman applying to face

Have oily skin? Here’s how to choose the best toners for your complexion

Caring for oily skin is a tough balance. These toners will help clear and refine slick skin.
scar fading fast woman applying cream to fade on hand

These are the 7 best ways to fade scars fast

face shape eyebrow female shapping

Choose the best eyebrow shape for your face with this handy guide

Eyebrows aren't one size fits all. Here's what you should think about when shaping your brows.
straightening hair heat ajintai 1 1024x1024

Straightening hair without heat: Your go-to guide

Want to straighten your hair without using damaging heat? We list several effective methods that are definitely worth a try. 
hypoallergenic perfume brands natural and ingredients

These natural beauty products are a must-add to your makeup bag

ammonia free hair dye color painting salon

Ammonia dyes can harm your hair – here’s how to choose dyes without it

Dyes with ammonia can do serious damage to your hair. Here's how to find dyes without it.
clean sunscreen ingredients feature image

Avoid these ingredients when looking for ‘clean’ sunscreen

Looking for a sunscreen brand that doesn't contain harmful ingredients? We have some ideas of where to start.
natural beauty products with hands

Clean up your haircare routine with these natural products