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6 best natural ingredients for skin you should try

You care about your skin. You buy the newest and latest skincare products. You drink your water every day. You try to get enough sleep. You do whatever you can to get your skin to glow as radiantly as it can. But are we trying too hard? Are there ingredients around your house that are more natural, and actually better for your skin?

Your skin is literally keeping you together. The least you can do is treat it right. If checking the label and ingredient list on product after product is getting tiring, then let’s go over 6 of the best natural ingredients for skin that you could find in your home right now.

Natural ingredients in little bowls.
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Aloe vera

This one you might actually have to buy. But it will be worth it. Not only is aloe amazing for sunburn, cuts, scrapes, and rashes, but it is amazing for skin.

It will help tighten up your skin without clogging up your pores. It’s nature’s moisturizer. We keep a healthy and happy aloe plant and cut the leaves off as needed. Rubbing freshly cut aloe on your face is so refreshing and your skin just drinks it up.

Aloe will also help heal up any open wounds (hello, popped pimple) and calm your skin. It will also help speed up the turnover of fresh skin cells. Basically, it’s a little miracle plant that everyone should have. If you are not the best with keeping plants alive though, grab a bottle of Organic Aloe Gel from Seven Minerals to have on hand.


Winnie the Pooh has certainly been onto something. Honey is such a great source of minerals, vitamins, nutrients, and the good kinds of acids your skin likes. It also helps heal rashes, wind down wounds, and softens the appearance of scars.

From homemade body scrubs to face washes, adding raw honey to your skincare routine is a must. You want raw honey, not the stuff you buy for your toast. Look for completely raw honey, like Wee Bee Honey Naturally Raw Honey. That’s the stuff with those enzymes and antioxidants your skin wants.

Wee Bee Honey Naturally Raw Honey, 1 lb – Kroger

Even if you already have body scrub around your bathroom, you can add a little raw honey to it to give it a boost.

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Coconut oil

Not only does this smell heavenly, but you can cook with it and use it in skincare products. It strengthens your skin’s tissue, which will help firm things up. It has antifungal, antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Basically, it tells everything bad to go away.

It can protect your skin against sunburns and be used as an exfoliate to remove dead skin cells. It can soften and repair your hair and makes a great shave cream in a pinch.

From making your own body scrubs, hair masks, and face washes, coconut oil is a key natural ingredient that will help your skin become healthier. So grab some Spectrum Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and try all the ways it can help your skin.

Apple cider vinegar

This is one of our favorites. Besides the fact that it doesn’t smell the best, it is amazing. And it’s a cheap item compared to if you bought fancy products that have a splash of apple cider vinegar in them. It has antifungal benefits and helps kill bacteria lingering on your skin.

If you are acne-prone, putting apple cider vinegar in your skin products can help keep your skin and acne controlled. It’s great at unclogging pores and taking care of extra oil. A honey and apple cider vinegar face mask sounds like a good idea. Pick up a gallon of Bragg’s Raw and Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar. You’ll use it a lot faster than you think.

Sea salt

Not table salt. It has to be the real deal sea salt. Another great item for body scrubs and face exfoliation cleansers, sea salt is packed with calcium and potassium that your skin needs. It also helps your skin balance oil levels, scrubs away dead skin cells, and can calm skin irritations.

This one might annoy sensitive skin, so do a trial run before you commit to buying a giant bag of Shiloh Farms Himalayan Pink Salt.

Natural ingredients laid out on a table.
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Shea butter

Everything should have shea butter in it. It smells so relaxing and immediately puts us in a good mood. And that’s just smelling it. For your skin, shea butter can do so much more. It can calm your skin as well, yes, but it can do wonders for dry skin. It is very healing. Rashes, cracked heels, eczema, itchy skin, and psoriasis are all conditions that shea butter can tackle.

Rub NOW Foods Solutions Certified Organic Shea Butter on your scalp or on those ashy elbows to transform your skin to a healthier texture.

We love finding the best natural products for skin that can serve multiple purposes and work on any budget. If you can’t afford the name-brand cream or serum from the store, you can afford these natural ingredients that you can mix and match to make your own natural products right at home.

Natural is best. You can find your skin glowing, clearer, firmer, and more even by using any combination of these 6 amazing ingredients. We can’t wait for you to see how your skin loves you back.

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