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The best leave in conditioners we’ve tried is under $30

Do you find your hair is a bit dry and brittle lately? Are your once bouncy curls looking a little worse for wear? Are you having more bad hair days than good ones? Then you might need to start using a leave-in conditioner. If you haven’t changed anything about your routine but your tresses aren’t as full of life as they used to be, a leave-in conditioner can infuse your hair with moisture and make it more manageable.

You might be asking how much another hair care product is going to run you – don’t worry! We made sure that these leave-in conditioners will actually work and be budget-friendly. Let’s go over the best leave-in conditioners you need to try right now.

A woman putting product in her hair.
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Briogeo Farewell Frizz Rosarco Milk Leave-In Conditioner

Best for every kind of hair

This leave-in conditioner is great for all hair types. Curly or straight, thick or fine, your hair will lose the frizz and you’ll be left with moisture-rich locks. It’s a clean beauty product, so you won’t see any harsh chemicals in the ingredient list. You will find rosehip, argan, and coconut oils, which will protect your hair from further damage from environmental factors. Perhaps best of all, Farewell Frizz will continue to work for up to 48 hours. Hello, gorgeous second-day hair!

The Honest Company Conditioner Detangler and Fortifying Spray

Best multi-use

If you need some help detangling your tresses and want extra moisture, this combo spray is for you. A clean beauty product, vegan, biodegradable, and plant-based make this leave-in conditioning spray perfect for anyone. Jojoba and argan oils will leave your hair shiny and smooth. Shea butter will condition your hair and leave it softer. This is a great everyday use spray.

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PATTERN Leave-In Conditioner

Best for coily textures

This leave-in conditioner is specifically for coily and tighter hair textures. Coily hair needs much more moisture and hydration for the curls to stay soft and beautiful. This is one of the best leave-in conditioners for curly hair. Using Pattern after your shower can not only help with the detangling process but will help your curls be more defined. It’s even safe to use on color-treated hair and the jasmine and sweet sandalwood scent is relaxing and delightful.

Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave-In Conditioner

Best smelling

Because curly-haired women know that moisture is key to manageable hair, here’s another one for the curly-Qs out there. But the smell is what will keep you buying this leave-in conditioner over and over again. Blueberries are an amazing antioxidant superfruit that your hair will love to be bathed in. It also contains grapeseed and coconut oil for even more moisture and shine. Your hair will bounce more and you’ll notice less breakage when styling. Oh! Did we mention the smell is amazing?

dae Cactus Flower Leave In Conditioner

Best heat protection

If you love to style your hair with heat, then you need to grab a bottle or two (or three) of this leave-in conditioner. Perfect for any and all hair types, this hydrating spray will protect your hair in temps up to 450 degrees. Prickly pear extract, vitamin E, and cactus flower will coat your hair in essential minerals to keep it protected while still leaving your strands healthy and shiny. It’s vegan and the citrus scent will leave you wanting to smell your hair all day.

A woman holding up a hair care product to her face.
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Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In Conditioning Cream

Best for any budget

Budget-conscious shoppers will not sacrifice quality for price when choosing this leave-in cream.

If your hair absolutely hates life in the heat, this leave-in will help stop the frizz in up to 97% humidity. Thanks to the argan oil and Vitamin E, your hair will stay sleek and smooth for up to three days. Whether you have thicker hair or wavey hair, you will see the frizz calm down and your hair become stronger.

Your hair is basically made of protein. The absolute key to keeping your hair healthy is keeping it conditioned and hydrated. Keeping your hair nourished with the vitamins and minerals from a leave-in conditioner will leave it easier to style and looking healthier than it ever has. No matter your budget, any of these leave-in conditioners will fight frizz and smooth out your strands.

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