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The best makeup with SPF protection under $55 you can get now

You want your makeup to work for you, not against you. One way it can do that is by having a bit of sun protection. You need to wear sunscreen every single day you plan to spend any time at all outside. No matter the time of year, SPF needs to be your friend.

If you wear makeup every day, you need to look for products that have SPF in them. If you don’t want to wear a layer of sunscreen under your makeup, products with SPF in them can protect your skin. Let’s check out 5 of the best makeup products with SPF protection.

Dermalogica Age Smart Skin Perfect Primer SPF 30

This primer uses zinc oxide to give your skin sun protection while prepping your face for makeup. It will go on smoothly, help even out lines, and block UVA and UVB rays. It also has hyaluronic acid to help your skin stay hydrated.

Cruelty, phthalate, sulfate, paraben, and fragrance-free, this primer will help smooth out your face and neck. You can wear this for a soft glow or prep your face for the rest of your routine.

Dermalogica Age Smart Skin Perfect Primer SPF 30 | Ulta Beauty

Bare Mineral BarePRO Liquid Foundation with Mineral SPF 20

With over 30 shades to choose from, this foundation will not only have every option for every person but will provide SPF protection. No matter what type of skin you have, the bamboo extract and papaya enzymes will help your skin look flawless.

It doesn’t have any sulfates, phthalates, oxybenzone, or other chemicals activating sunscreen ingredients. It won’t cake; it won’t transfer. It will simply leave you looking fabulous without clogging your pores

BarePRO™ 24 hour Longwear Liquid Foundation with Mineral SPF 20  – bareMinerals | Sephora

Revlon Kiss Lip Balm with SPF

If you want to keep those lips soft and free from sunburn, this Revlon lip color can do it all. Not only will you have hydrated lips for 8 hours, but the SPF 20 will keep that sun off of them. It comes in a handful of colors so you can find the one you love.

You may not think much about your lips when it comes to sun protection, but with this fruit oil-infused lip balm, you won’t have to worry about it.

Revlon Kiss Lip Balm – Moisturizing With SPF: Target

Supergoop! Shimmershade Cream Eyeshadow with Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Have you ever had your eyelids get sunburned? It is not fun. Try this eyeshadow by Supergoop! to keep that delicate skin safe from the sun and looking shimmery and gorgeous.

The chamomile, sunflower, and jasmine will soothe your skin while protecting your lids from the UV rays and the formula won’t pull or crease up. A flawless finish and UV protection; what more could you ask for?

Honest Beauty Tinted Moisturizer with Vitamin C

Sometimes you don’t feel like putting on a full face. That’s why tinted moisturizers are so great. Put a little on for a subtle glowy color and be good to go. This tinted moisturizer also comes ready with SPF 30 using zinc oxide and titanium dioxide so you don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals.

You’ll get broad-spectrum sun fighting power with a moisturizer that will help even out your skin tone for about 12 hours.

Honest Beauty Clean Corrective Tinted Moisturizer With Vitamin C And Blue Light Defense – Spf 30 – 1.0oz: Target

Whether you are going to go have a beach day but still want to look gorgeous or are tired of your face stinging a little after a day of errands, sun protection in your makeup plays a key role in keeping your skin safe. We found 5 items with SPF protection that will keep you looking your best while sheltering you from those harmful rays. Keep your skin looking flawless and free from sun damage no matter where you need to make an appearance.

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