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Why silk face masks are great for people with sensitive skin

Wearing a mask is inconvenient. While some are more comfortable than others, having half of your face covered makes it difficult to convey expressions, drink your coffee on the subway, and even unlock your iPhone. Among the worst of these inconveniences is maskne: the acne that pops along the lower half of your face where the mask sits. Keeping yourself and others safe, however, doesn’t have to come at the expense of clear skin. Let’s talk about the maskne-preventing power of silk face masks.

A group of people wearing face masks during a meeting.
August de Richelieu/Pexels

Why does your face freak out?

Think about all the dirt and oil that accumulates on your skin during the day. Now, imagine spending all day rubbing this muck around your face. This is basically what polyester masks do — they trap heat and dirt on your face, making it a breeding ground for acne and other blemishes. This becomes even worse if you don’t switch or clean your mask often, as these fabrics absorb oils and deposit it back on your skin as it rubs around your face throughout the day.

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To save your skin from the havoc these masks wreak on your skin, invest in a silk mask instead. Silk is hypoallergenic and breathable, ensuring heat and sweat don’t build up and clog your pores. Further, this fabric is much softer on your skin, so your nose, chin, and other high-contact areas won’t become raw or irritated from wearing a mask all day.

Keep in mind that these benefits apply to pure silk masks, so be aware of blends, even those with satin, that can still cause breakouts, rashes, and other types of irritation.

Two woman walking their bikes while wearing face masks.
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Pick a quality mask

Next time you’re ready to restock, take a little extra time on your search and make sure you pick up a hypoallergenic, 100% silk face mask. Unfortunately, silk masks aren’t quite as ubiquitous as polyester, cotton, and medical varieties. Luckily, there are tons of options online, so you’re sure to find an option that matches your style.

To make sure you’re well-stocked for the future, check out this four-piece set of reusable, double-sided silk face masks. These all include a nose wire to keep them in place and prevent glasses from fogging up. The hypoallergenic silk is on both sides, so you can get even more value out of it by flipping the mask over when one side gets dirty. They also come in a wide range of colors, so you can match your new masks to just about any wardrobe option.

If you need a mask almost every day at work, then this Yuncity six-piece set is for you. These masks have three layers of protection and a filter pocket, making them one of the more highly effective options out there. These masks are also machine washable, but we recommend using a gentle or delicate setting to protect the silk.

Just remember that a mask is only effective if you wear it properly, so be sure to follow a few best practices. First, when in doubt, mask up. While the CDC is constantly updating its guidelines on mask-wearing, it’s still up to you to determine the safety of your situation. If you’re unsure of someone’s COVID-19 or vaccination status, walking through large groups of people (even outside), or spending time around anyone who may be immunocompromised, wear a mask. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Additionally, ensure your mask covers your nose and mouth, and wash it after use to prevent the build-up of dirt and other oils.

Having sensitive or acne-prone skin isn’t fun, and having a rough, oil-absorbing fabric on your skin all day certainly doesn’t make it any better. Stay safe comfortably and in style with silk masks that will be kind to your skin while being just as protective as mass-produced cotton, polyester, and other woven fabrics. Your skin will certainly thank you.

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