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Will Blesch

Will Blesch

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Will Blesch is a copywriter, content writer, and someone passionate about anything that lets him discover more about this amazing world we live in. Most work has been done with private, B2B companies, but he's also been featured in, mentioned on, or has written for PBS, MSN, the Motley Fool, The Jerusalem Post, Arutz 7, Termsfeed, and many others. Please reach out to The Manual editorial staff with any questions or comments about Will’s work.

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Melatonin vs. Benadryl for sleep: Which is more effective?

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Doctors say you shouldn’t travel right after getting your COVID vaccine — this is why

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The 6 men’s skin care products we can’t live without

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Doctors say your gut could be harming your sleep — this is how

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Is there a connection between sleep and acne?

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Can acupressure help with muscle growth? Here’s what we know

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Keep muscle pain away with these post-run stretches

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Learning yoga can be daunting, but these online guides make it easy

Yoga doesn't have to be a challenging undertaking - check out these online guides to get started.
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Sore feet? Give these simple stretches a shot

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These clean wines will be a hit at your next gathering

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Address anxiety symptoms with these mindfulness techniques

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Want to start running? Here’s where to begin

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Filter your tap water with these 3 systems

Tap water filtration is vital to your health - these are the systems we recommend
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Try these 7 daily exercises to improve your posture

These daily exercises will go a long way to improve your posture.
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If you’re cutting back on dairy, you must try these milk alternatives

If you're thinking of going dairy-free, these milk alternatives are great options for cooking, drinking and everything in between!
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Aromatherapy – is it a passing fad or are there real benefits?

Is aromatherapy a rising trend or something that actually works? We weigh in.
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If you carry tension in your neck, try these 5 moves

Tense neck? Try these stretches to relieve neck pain and soreness.