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Pecan pie with fall decor

The 6 best Thanksgiving desserts we found on Pinterest

If you are looking for easy desserts for Thanksgiving, you should try these six we found on Pinterest.
Asparagus soup in a green bowl

15 healthy soup recipes you should be serving your family this winter

Try out these amazing hearty and healthy soup recipes to keep the chill off.
The Great Sphinx of Giza and a pyramid

Virtual vacations: amazing websites let you explore the world from your sofa

If the surge of the Delta variant is keeping you close to home, check out these websites
Man unpacking grocery delivery box

Are ‘ugly’ produce subscriptions worth it?

Ugly produce subscriptions seem to be having a moment. We look at whether they save you money and the eco-impact.
A woman laughing to something she's listening to.

8 outrageously funny podcasts that will make you LOL

If you like outrageous, envelope-pushing comedy, check out these podcasts.
Variety of condiments in serving bowls

What you should do to keep condiments from leaving a sticky mess

Are your ketchup and mustard leaving a mess in your refrigerator and on your shelves? Here's how to stop it
A black and white image of someone watching a horror movie with a hand coming out of the tv to get him.

4 vintage horror flicks you can find on YouTube

Camp up your Halloween with these black and white movies.
Iconic Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue in front of Cinderella Castle

Disney World is turning 50. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering visiting

Disney World's 50th anniversary celebration is guaranteed to be a party to end all parties. Here's what you need to know if you plan on taking part.
Bat-shaped tortilla chips and salsa

5 healthy Halloween party snacks we found on Pinterest

These 5 healthy Halloween party snacks will be the hit of your gathering
Someone getting ready to watch some tv.

4 true crime shows to stream right now

Check out these true crime shows to see how truth can be more brutal than fiction.
Stormtrooper at Walt Disney World

Will Disney’s Galactic Starcruiser immersive experience live up to its price tag

Disneys new immersive Star Wars experience could cost $6,000 for a 2-day stay
Rotisserie chicken on a plate with lemon

3 delicious ways to use up that leftover rotisserie chicken

Store-bought rotisserie chicken makes a great quick meal. Try these creative ways to use the leftovers
A movie clapboard and Halloween decorations.

6 Halloween movies that won’t give you nightmares

These 6 movies will have you and the kids laughing until you scream without nightmares.
Quinoa bowl with salmon, tomatoes, and beans

Sprouted quinoa vs. regular quinoa: Which is best?

We talk about the difference between sprouted and regular quinoa and which is best for your favorite dishes and you.
Green and red apples in a bowl

We tried these 5 Pinterest recipes to use up apples. They were incredible

Check out these delicious recipes for using up all those apples in your pantry
Volunteers collecting food and clothing donations

This cool new tool from Apple helps you find great opportunities to volunteer

This new offering from Apple will match you to volunteer opportunities in major cities throughout the U.S.
Peach ice cream in bowls with peaches

4 healthy ice cream alternatives you can make at home

These frozen confections are delicious and guilt-free
Closeup of woman's eyes with blue eyeshadow and liner

Y2K makeup trends you should try to add some shimmer to your look

The Y2K aesthetic has expanded to makeup. We explore beauty trends inspired by the turn of the century and how you can embrace the look.
A couple watching a scary movie.

Best slasher flicks to stream and scream this Halloween

If you get off on gore, get in the Halloween spirit with these bloodfests.
Woman grocery shopping with a full basket

8 things you should be doing to prevent food waste in your kitchen

With food prices rising, it's more important than ever to make the most of our groceries. Check out these tips and tools.
Two jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins

4 healthy recipes for your post-Halloween pumpkin

If you didn't carve a Jack-O-Lantern this year, you can create some delicious dishes with that pumpkin on November 1st
Delivery subscription box of fruit and vegetables

5 best places to buy fruit online

These five online options make buying fruit easy. Find the right one for you.
Person filling a reusable water bottle in the sink

7 easy things you can do to fight climate change

We all need to do our part to fight climate change. Here are 7 things you can start doing right now
Woman cutting the top off of a pumpkin

Check out these YouTube videos that will help you carve your first pumpkin

If you've never tried to carve a pumpkin before these videos will help you get started
Woman standing outside looking at her phone

5 telltale signs that a social media post needs to be fact checked

We help you figure out how to spot social media posts that need a second look
Person holding a donation box

Too good to be true: 5 tips for avoiding charity scams

There are many great causes to support, but there are also people looking to take advantage of your altruism. We look at five ways you can identify the fakes.
Two people holding hands outside

3 thoughtful ways you can support someone questioning their gender

People who question their gender need a great deal of support and acceptance. Know the right things to say and do.
Person holding cleaner and cloth

Eco-friendly cleaning products to clean your entire home

We show you the best cleaning products for your entire home.
Person eating a variety of junk foods

Like watching people eat strange stuff? 5 weird food You Tubers to binge watch

Some people will eat just about anything. Here are some YouTube stars who take eating to the extreme.
climate change degree increases man umbrella inside out

If it’s just 1 degree, why is global warming such a big deal?

It's settled science: the Earth is warming and humans are to blame. But to date the planet has only warmed by about 1 degree Celsius. What's all the fuss about?
Two women playing Monopoly, eating pizza, and drinking wine

It’s time to revive game night: Here’s how

Now that it is becoming safe to gather again, why not host a game night? Here are some tips to get you started.
Two people reading and discussing on a couch

Is an online book club worth your time? The pros and cons of virtual book chat

We look at the pros and cons of online book clubs.
Italian Nduja, chilies, and pasta

Spice up meal time with the versatile and authentically Italian nduja

Nduja is a spicy, Italian, spreadable sausage that can liven up any meal. We will tell you everything you need to know.
A young teen on her phone with her parents in the background.

7 wholesome Reddit communities you can share with the kids

From cute pets to dads crying because they're happy, it's safe to share these G-rated Reddit communities with the family.
Apples in baskets for sale

6 ways to cook with apples that aren’t pie

Apple season is almost upon us. Here are some imaginative ways to cook with these healthy treats.