Like watching people eat strange stuff? 5 weird food You Tubers to binge watch

Some of the best oddly mesmerizing videos on the web are food videos. Whether it’s people eating copious amounts of food, doing food challenges, or consuming foods that no ordinary person would try, there are tons of weird food YouTube videos to explore. Here are a few of the best channels you should check out during your next YouTube binge session.

Epic Meal Time

If you know even the tiniest bit about food YouTube, you’ve probably heard of Epic Meal Time. These guys have been making videos for more than a decade and have amassed 6.7 million subscribers and more than a billion views. The videos feature Harley Morenstein and a group of his friends eating extremely high-calorie meals, usually made with lots of meats, like their most recent vid, “MEGA MEAT MELT.” New videos are released every week, but they have more than 300 videos on their channel to satisfy all of your crazy food cravings.

Yuka Kinoshita

Yuka Kinoshita is a Japanese YouTuber and competitive eater who specializes in making mukbang videos. For those who don’t know, this viral trend that originated in South Korea involves watching strangers eat thousands of calories in one sitting. With 5.49 million subscribers and more than two billion views, Yuka is one of the most popular mukbang YouTubers on the platform. Her channel features eight- to 25-minute-long clips of her eating everything from spicy ramen to KFC. She posts new videos almost every day about the foods she has eaten. Subscribe to her channel today; you may discover a new favorite type of weird YouTube video.

People Vs Food

If you love your food videos with a little bit of comedy and pop culture on top, check out People Vs. Food from React Media. The channel has more than a billion views and 12.4 subscribers who love the unique food challenges. The team produces multiple videos every week with titles like “Eating Things You Didn’t Know Were Edible” and “People vs. The Ultimate Egg Breakfast Challenge.” The channel also has a few series like People vs. Food, Try Not to Eat, and more. Their videos are not only entertaining, but their truly unique angles make these vids some of the best on YouTube.

Matt Stonie

Matt “Megatoad” Stonie is an American competitive eater and a popular food YouTuber. His channel, which is made up of mostly food challenges and speed eating, has 14.5 million subscribers and more than two billion views. He also has a lot of videos of himself eating large portions of food like a giant McFlurry and huge bowls of cereal. His most popular videos, however, are his food challenges, like the 20,000 Calorie Superbowl Challenge, which feature him pushing the limits of eating to the extreme. Even if you’re a little bit curious about wild eating habits, Matt Stonie’s channel is definitely worth a look.

Molly Schuyler Woman vs Food

Another competitive eater, Molly Schuyler, posts a ton of eating challenges on her YouTube channel (and some videos of her cute cat, too). She travels the country, going to different restaurants and looking for new and difficult food challenges to try. Her channel has 221 thousand subscribers; give her page a follow to see what they all love so much.

Food-related videos are some of the most popular on YouTube. Whether you want to watch someone eat strange combinations of foods, massive amounts of calories, or pop culture-inspired dishes, there is a YouTuber for you. These five are just a few of our favorites. The next time you’re searching for something fun and weird to watch, give them a look; you never know what you’ll end up loving.

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