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Adorable charcuterie boards

5 things you need to create a 100% DIY charcuterie board

Charcuterie boards are the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Here's what you need to make yours better than ever.
A young couple sit outside of their tent near a campfire, talking over coffee

5 accessories you need to relax around a fire pit

A relaxing night around the fire pit can help you relax from the stress of this day, and these products will help with the set up.
a person walking a dog down a gravel path in a sunflower field

Your most needed pet supplies

Discover pet supplies that you and your furry friend will love.
Flatbread Margherita pizzas and tomatoes

5 tools to help you make delicious pizza at home

Enjoy delicious pizza right at home, thanks to the help of these five essentials.
the best driving gloves to keep your hands warm

5 buys for your next road trip

Find out about products that can help make your next road trip more fun.
A young couple sit outside of their tent near a campfire, talking over coffee

5 must-have camping accessories

Check out these must-have camping accessories to add to your trip.
Masked Woman Traveler

5 travel pillows to make your next trip more comfortable

You need one of these five travel pillows to make your next journey a little comfier.
Adorable charcuterie boards

5 serving platters and boards to make hosting easier

With one of these serving platters or boards, your thoughtfully planned menu will be just as visually pleasing as it is tasty.
Three Aperol Spritz cocktails

5 items to level up your at-home cocktail game

Make creating your favorite cocktails at home easier with these 5 tools.
A woman drinking kombucha

5 bar items every mixology will appreciate

We found five perfect gifts for the mixologist who is looking to find the right tools for the job.
2581 the best friendship bracelets

5 super-fun games to turn your backyard into party central

Here are five super-fun outdoor games to play at parties that are sure to keep your guests entertained.
gift ideas preschooler

5 fun gifts for the kids in your life

These timeless gifts will provide endless entertainment for all the children in your life.
woman on couch with a yellow lab

5 paws-itively perfect gifts for your pup

Make your fur baby feel loved with these trendy pet products!
A woman with curly hair screws in a light bulb on a string of patio lights

5 items to turn your backyard into your own getaway

Whether you'd rather be relaxing in a hammock or enjoying a poolside movie, these amazing items have got you covered.
Group of friends drinking at a bar

5 products every bartender needs in their kitchen

Whether you make your drinks at home or professionally, bar tools are essential for you to get the job done.
Underside of a tree with the sun shingling through the leaves

5 eco-friendly products to show Mother Earth how much we care

eco-friendly products that are good for the environment
brain damaging habits man baby multitasking

5 baby socks that will stay put all day long

These baby and toddler socks will keep your little one's feet cozy and warm.
a person holding up an iPhone

These 5 cell phone mounts are perfect for people on the go

These 5 cell phone mounts are perfect for people on the go and easy to use in cars, bikes, and even strollers
Woman sitting in beach chair applying sunscreen

5 must-haves for your next tropical getaway

Get ready for your next warm-weather vacation by adding these popular travel (and some unsuspecting) products to your shopping cart.
Three women camp outside of a tent

5 great tools to make camping feel like glamping

If you're more into sheets than sleeping bags, these tools will help bring a few creature comforts to the great outdoors.
A young couple sit outside of their tent near a campfire, talking over coffee

5 Wise Owl Outfitters camping tools to make camping a blast

From safety tools to camping luxuries, these 5 items from Wise Owl Outfitters will make any outdoor trip a breeze.
Woman hiking through a meadow

5 items to add comfort to your next outdoor adventure

Hiking and camping don't have to be uncomfortable with these items to add a little bit of self-care to your outdoor adventure.
Cup of tea with cinnamon

Tea, glorious tea! 5 cool products for the perfect cuppa

A list of five cool products to help make the perfect cup of tea
Woman looking at smartphone

Twitter is squawking about these 10 most-hated brands

These brands have the most negative comments on Twitter, but that doesn't necessarily add up to a loss in sales.
green eating fair trade coffee

5 essential tools for a perfect cup of pour over coffee

Pour-over coffee doesn't require a lot of fancy equipment, but you'll need a few key items. A dripper, grinder, and gooseneck kettle are among the essentials.
gardening workouts woman workout

5 products to up your home garden game

As spring approaches, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your home garden! These five products will help nurture your green thumb!
One world climate protest sign

How bad is global warming and is it too late to make things better?

Global warming is already affecting the way we live. Is it too late to change its effects?
Bowl of lentil and brown rice soup

Even meat-lovers will enjoy these 5 delicious hearty vegan soup recipes

These hearty vegan soups will warm you and keep you satisfied, even if you are a meat lover!
Baker weighing dry ingredient on a scale

How reverse taring makes baking easier and more fun

Anyone familiar with baking - especially bread - knows what taring is. But what about reverse taring? We'll tell you how it makes your baking easier.
People enjoying turkey at Thanksgiving dinner

6 imaginative ways to use leftover turkey

Tired of turkey sandwiches? Try these imaginative recipes to use up your leftover turkey.
Family enjoying Thanksgiving dinner

4 Thanksgiving YouTube videos that prove your family is not so crazy after all

When families gather for Thanksgiving, there's always the potential for something to get out of hand. We introduce you to 5 families who make yours look normal.
Bowl of butternut squash soup

Try these 5 delicious (and easy) instant pot recipes for Thanksgiving

Speed up your Thanksgiving cooking with these five delicious insta-pot recipes
A melting snowman sitting on grass

How climate change is affecting winter

We know that climate change is causing unprecedented heat waves, wild fires, rain and flooding. Is it also affecting our winter weather?
Baked brie on a wood cutting board

4 dishes you can cook in your air fryer for Thanksgiving dinner

Free up some space in the oven by cooking these delicious dishes in your air fryer.
Creamy carrot soup with croutons

The 8 best hearty winter soup and stew recipes to try right now

Fall is here and it's time for comfort food. Try these hearty soup and stew recipes to warm up as the chill sets in.