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This show on Hulu will help you calm your mind and relax

Looking for a little escape? This Hulu show is the perfect go-to for a little downtime.

Enjoy your downtime at home with these 4 unplugging tips 

We all need a mental break sometimes. Here's how to destress when you're at home.
healthy sweet crunchy cravings peanut butter celery

Sweet, crunchy snacks: Why you crave them and healthier options to try

There are reasons why you might love sweet, crunchy snacks—but these are healthier alternatives to satisfy cravings.

The best mental health resources everyone should know about

If you're in need of mental health, these resources are a good place to start.
free youtube workouts woman online workout search

5 fantastic (and free!) YouTube workouts you can stream right now 

Working out at home has never been easier than with these great workouts that are free to stream on YouTube

10 junk foods that are actually not terrible for you

You can feel good about indulging in these snack foods

Is sugar-free ketchup worth a try?

Should you be consuming sugar-free ketchup? Here's what you need to know.
healthy pizza on wood table

Healthy junk food alternatives to feed all your cravings

Junk food cravings can be a pain, so we've come up with some clean alternatives
a girl with long dark hair lies on her back on a white bed

How to have a self-care day and not feel guilty about it

Caring for yourself is the last thing you should feel guilty for - here's how to tackle it.
low calorie pancakes with fruit

Low-calorie pancake mixes that actually taste great

Shave off some calories without sacrificing taste with these great pancake mixes
sleep acne connection young woman problem

Is there a connection between sleep and acne?

Are sleep and acne related? Some things to consider.

Pre-yoga foods that won’t ruin your flow

For something to snack on before yoga practice, look no further
sign that says self care isn't selfish

Be your own Valentine’s Day date with these 4 self-care ideas

Treat yourself this Valentine's Day with these self care ideas
mental relaxation during at home spa treatment

3 ways to relax at home (that aren’t meditation or yoga)

Relax your mind and body at home with these routines

3 foods that clean your gut (and taste good)

Cleanse your gut with these foods that won't kill your tastebuds in the meantime
Woman uses the KonMari method to fold clothing

The KonMari folding method is the tip of the iceberg: 5 more tips to try

Take control of your closet with these 5 organizational tips
crunchy snacks healthy baked pita chips with hummus

Healthy crunchy snacks that are also good for your teeth

Crunch away on these snacks that are good for your body and your teeth.
woman finding mental help online

Tips for choosing an online mental health provider that will actually help

Choosing a healthcare provider is important - here's how to get help online
colon-clearing food yogurt

5 natural ways to clean out your gut

Here's how to cleanse your gut, naturally and healthily
crossfit workout new year woman ropes gym jpg

Why trying crossfit should be your new year’s resolution

Why should you give crossfit a try? We give our recommendations
woman practicing face yoga in front of mirror

Try face yoga with these 8 moves you can do daily

Face yoga sounds silly, but there can be real benefits to the undertaking. Add these movements to your daily routine to see results.
at home yoga practice woman doing

You don’t need a studio to do yoga – here are some simple stretches for at-home practice

Trying yoga at home doesn't have to be daunting. You can practice these simple stretches at any time.

Try these stretches to help your plantar fasciitis

Managing plantar fasciitis can be painful, but these daily stretches can make it easier
Woman working at desk

You can still exercise at your desk job – give these moves a try

Fitness and work usually don't go together - until now. These at-work exercises will keep you healthy even as you sit still.
all natural bath ingredients female in tub bubblebath

All-natural inclusions to add to your next bath

Who needs to go to a spa when you can treat yourself with a few excellent-quality products right from the comfort of your own home?
woman performing lower back exercises with foam roller

Limber up your lower back with these daily routines

Use your foam roller to its full advantage while dealing with your lower back pain.
woman using a foam roller to stretch her back

A foam roller can be your bad back’s best friend – here’s why

Foam rollers are simple tools, but the health benefits for your back can be fantastic.
woman sitting at desk with back pain

The negative effects too much sitting has for your overall health

Sitting too long isn't great for your body - here's why and how you can counteract the negative effects.
woman stretching at her desk

Does your back hurt? These stretches will release the tension

Your upper back carries a lot every day. Stretch out your muscles with this foolproof routine.
woman flexing arms after workout

New year, new arms? The best bicep exercises you can do at home

Slim your arms with these bicep exercises you can do from your living room
all natural deodorant deoderant flowers feature

Why you should switch to an all-natural deodorant

You may be wondering if you should start using natural deodorant. We discuss the benefits of using an all-natural choice.
woman on stationary bike

The best at-home workout equipment for any budget

No matter the budget, this workout equipment will help you get into shape in the new year
whey protein powder

Should you work whey protein into your post-workout routine?

Protein is necessary for muscle repair and growth. It keeps you feeling full longer, helps build a solid immune system, and many people use it religiously as a part of their fitness routine
Woman with foot pain

Daily stretches to speed up your plantar fasciitis healing process

Work these simple stretches into your daily routine to help counteract the effects of plantar fasciitis. We show you how.
fruits vegetables and fish

Slim down in the new year with these 10 foods

Give these foods a try to help yourself lose weight and get in shape.