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Get your stimulus money? Use $300 to make your home office amazing

For those of us who have been working from home for the last year, we have transformed our comfy lounge spaces into temporary offices. With more and more companies loving the remote style of working, this model doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

This means it’s finally time to set up a real home office. No matter how small your space, you can still create the perfect work environment. After all, spending time in a space you actually like to be in is great for your mindset and your productivity. We are here to stretch that stimulus and help you find the best home office accessories to get your work done.

Sit up straight

If you’ve been using the couch, bed, or kitchen table to work for long periods of time, it can do a number on your back. One of your first investments should be in some tools or accessories that support your spine.

The best way to support your back at work is with an ergonomic chair. These were made specifically for people who sit for long periods of time, so a supportive office chair ensures you finish the day pain-free. The Hbada Home Office Desk Chair has an ergonomic backrest that fits the natural curve of the lower back, a high-density mesh back that’s breathable and flexible, and you can flip the arms up to fit the chair under the desk to save space when you’re done for the day.

If you like your desk chair — but would like a little more support — or if you prefer spending the day on the couch or in bed and still getting paid for it every once in a while, look for a supportive back pillow to fix your posture and relieve back pain.  The Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow is made from pure memory foam and uses body heat to adjust to your needs. With dual adjustable straps and a hypoallergenic mesh cover, it can be placed anywhere along the back of a chair for upper, middle, or lower back support.

You might be surprised, but a footstool is a key accessory to support proper posture and prevent back pain. The HUANUO Under Desk Foot Rest keep your legs, knees, and hips aligned so you don’t become overly stiff or get that sharp pain when you stand up. It comes with two covers: one that’s breathable and one with a massage textured surface.

Get organized

Now that your body is in a good position, it’s time to do the same to your space. Get ready to tidy up and get organized.

If you have a small space, look for vertical and wall organizers to save as much floor space as possible. Especially if you don’t have a large desk to work on, it’s important to have a dedicated space for books, papers, and other supplies. Made by Design’s Mesh Wall Office Supply Organizer is constructed from durable steel for long-lasting use. It features three compartments with open-top designs.

For a larger, traditional desk, consider a desk organizer. Instead of having papers, pens, and loose staples littered across your workspace, you can condense it all into an easily accessible organizer. SimpleHouseware’s Mesh Desk Organizer offers two side load letter trays, and a tray with a three-compartment drawer. The upright section has five compartments.

Make it relaxing

It can be hard to separate your home life from your work life when it all happens in the same place. Work stress can invade your relaxation time and personal rifts can distract you at work. By building a relaxing environment, you can destress and stay productive.

Aromatherapy is a tried and true method to encourage relaxation and focus. By throwing your favorite essential oils into a diffuser, you can build a space that will calm you down whenever you start to get too worked up. These scents do more than stress relief, though. You can find essential oils that aid in pain relief, focus, energy, and much more.

Pure Daily Care’s Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set has a 400 ml capacity and seven ambient light modes with two intensity settings for 14 different light combinations. Made of BPA free plastic with a printed wood grain design, it has four timer settings and an auto shutoff feature for low water levels.

Have some fun

Now that you have an organized desk, supportive chair, and great smelling room, you’re ready to add some fun. The great thing about being in an office is that you have opportunities for social interaction, collaboration, and maybe even a few office hijinks. This breaks up the day with a little bit of fun, making the workday more enjoyable. By adding some personality to your home office, you can enjoy spending time in your workspace.

Who doesn’t need another lamp? One in every room, please! For work, we recommend a small task lamp that can fit well in any space, big or small. Project 62’s Globe Task Lamp has a gold-tone slender metal pole standing at a height of 20 inches on a cut-out ring base, making it the perfect size for just about any office space. Its dimmer effect lets you create the atmosphere you want in your workspace.

Everyone needs a little motivation now and again, and if you can’t get it from your desk neighbor in the office, you’ll have to do it yourself. Find a quote that you love and hang it up or purchase a desk calendar with daily quotes. You are your own coworker now, help yourself stay positive.

Outus’ Inspirational Wall Posters come in a set of 10 with 80 glue point dots,  so you can easily adhere them to walls, doors or windows. Choose your favorite motivational quote or swap them out whenever you need a little extra inspiration.

From practical to pretty, all of these options can be within a modest budget to create a dedicated office space. We’re all familiar with working on a budget, and we hope you are inspired to create the perfect office space whether you need it for the next few months or the next few years.

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