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Adorable charcuterie boards

These 5 chic serving trays are perfect for your next party

These charcuterie boards will add a flair of elegance to your next dinner party!
yoga pants work best 1024x682

What essentials do you need for your yoga practice?

Looking to start a yoga journey? Here are the products you need to begin your yoga journey.
Women taking a painting class

5 great items to get before your next art therapy session

Art therapy can help you de-stress and relieve depression and anxiety. You don't need to be Picasso, but you will want to try some of these products.
Coffee and sugar

5 tools to make your perfect cup of coffee

Making your own coffee saves time and money, and these products make it easy!
ukeireru acceptance woman outside hands behind head

Unwind with these stress-free products

Tap into your artistic side, be one with nature, and find something that brings you peace of mind.
the best feminine wash

5 essential beauty tools for your self care routine

Learn about five essential beauty tools to help you maximize your next self care routine.
yoga pants work best 1024x682

5 yoga accessories to enhance your yoga practice

Check out these yoga accessories to enhance your yoga practice.
A woman stretches her leg with a resistance band

Gear up your exercise game with these 5 products

Simple gear for every fitness level that can help you gain core strength and reach exercise goals
change look bedroom instantly

5 pillows to create the coziest bedtime

There are several health benefits to regular, good sleep, and high-quality pillows are key to a good night’s sleep.
A gift basket with bath bombs and a candle

5 products you can use to jumpstart a new hobby

If you're looking for a new hobby, then give one of these products a try
unknown walking benefits woman getting restful sleep

Comfiest items you need for better sleep

The products you need to create the comfiest sleep setting, including the softest accessories for your bed.
Various vitamins in wooden spoons.

5 supplements to add to your medicine cabinet

This roundup covers vitamins and supplements you can incorporate into your routine to benefit your mind and body.
Woman wearing leggings at the office

5 ways to make your WFH office more ergonomic

Here are five ways you can make your work from home office space more ergonomic.
brain damaging habits man baby multitasking

5 must-have items when baby proofing your home

If you need to baby proof your home, look no further than these five items to get started.
woman holding tea cup

Amazing teas to try to add spice to your self-care

These tea products for wellness and self-care help to boost energy and immunity.
Woman receiving touchless facial

What does the future of the spa look like?

What will the spa of the future look like? Will COVID push us to touchless treatments and will they be worth it?
a man in a cab looking at his watch

Why some people are always late (Hint: It’s not because they are rude)

No matter how hard they try, some people never seem to be able to show up on time. Here's why
Relaxed woman doing yoga by the ocean

The mental health benefits of exercising regularly

Regular exercise does as much good for your mind as your body. We tell you how exercise ups your mental game.
say this instead of apologizing again apology woman meeting

Don’t over-apologize: Say this instead

Apologies can be overdone. If you find yourself saying sorry for little things, or things that aren't even your fault, try these replacement phrases instead.
a stressed woman sitting at her desk with her head in her hands

Stressed, or depressed? How to tell the difference

Stress and depression can feel the same, but they are treated differently. We show you how to tell the difference
two cardboard boxes labeled "kitchen" and "office" on a wooden table

Will inside-out organizing replace the KonMari method?

We've all been using the KonMari method to organize for years, but is inside-out better? We look into it.
A man and a woman sitting on train looking at each other

Why getting over a crush is so hard — and how to move on quickly

Getting over a crush can be really hard. Sometimes it can feel impossible. We share with you tips to help you move on.
Baker pouring flour into a bowl

Try these 4 amazing flours to replace wheat when baking

If you have wheat sensitivity you should try out these replacement flours.
woman doing butterfly pose in bed

7 calming yoga stretches you can do in bed

Begin or end the day right with the 7 calming yoga stretches you can do from your bed
a person meditating outside

8 easy yoga poses anyone can master

If you are thinking of starting a yoga routine, we can help you get off to a great start.
what are microgreens a closeup of

What are microgreens? We take a closer look

What are microgreens and do you need to have them in your diet? We give you the answers.
a visualization of the covid-19 virus

Are we anywhere near the end of COVID? Notable epidemiologist says, “no”

Famed epidemiologist tells CNBC we are nowhere near the end of COVID
woman in a plank pose on a black mat in an all-white room

5 awesome Pilates apps to amp up your at-home workout

can go to a studio to take a pilates class, but here are 5 apps that allow you can use at home on your own schedule
a woman sitting on a dock by water

Box breathing: try this amazing calming technique used by Navy SEALS

This ancient breathing technique is used by Navy SEALS to stay calm in the most stressful situations
a small bowl of miso soup next to a teapot

Here’s how to get your probiotics without eating dairy

Check out these dairy-free foods you can add to your diet to increase your probiotic intake
airplane wing in the air over clouds

Do you fear flying? 4 ways to reduce anxiety on your next plane trip

Your fears don’t have to prevent you from enjoying your life to the fullest. Try these four tips to ease air travel anxieties.
kitchen gadgets love

We questioned whether nonstick cookware is safe. This is what we found.

Non-stick cookware is certainly easier to work with, but health claims persist, even after years of "improvements."

5 healthy tortilla alternatives for your low-carb lifestyle

Instead of flour tortillas, try these healthy options.
a happy woman in paris

Six tips for safe solo travel

Traveling along can be fun, but also dangerous if you don't have someone to watch you back. Try these tips to stay safe
bidet toilet seat features photo of bathroom with accent wall

What you should look for when shopping for a bidet toilet seat

Bidet toilet seats provide greater hygiene than paper and are better for the environment. Here's what you need to know.