Try face yoga with these 8 moves you can do daily

Want to tone and firm your face (and maybe even prevent wrinkles) without splurging on luxury skincare products? Well, you can accomplish these facial feats without topical treatments, fillers, or Botox, all without spending a single cent. All it takes are some specific, albeit silly, face movements. All it takes are several facial yoga exercises you will have to include into your daily routine.

Don’t knock it until you try it. Face yoga involves targeted exercises that, when incorporated into a regular routine, promote skin elasticity, providing a more youthful and radiant look.

Early studies conclude that these exercises can have real anti-aging effects. The truth is: there is a lot more to face yoga than sticking your tongue out and making someone laugh (although that is an added bonus). The proper face yoga method involves discipline, practice, and courage to look a little silly. While you’re learning, look in a mirror so you can perfect the nuances of your facial shapes and stretches.

Thinking about giving it a go and getting more flexible with your face? We are sharing some tips and tricks to get you started on all the collagen-boosting contortions. Read on for a few of the most effective face yoga moves you can try today.

woman doing face yoga movements
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Facial Yoga Moves to Try

Blow raspberries

Do you know how you blow raspberries to make silly lip vibration sounds to amuse babies? That is what you are going to do to get your mouth moving and relaxed. Exaggerate the movement (and the sound, if you please) to loosen those frequently used lip muscles.

The V

Make V’s with your index and middle fingers, then place your middle fingers at the inner corners of your eyes and index finger on the outside corners. Roll your eyes up and squint so you feel the lower lashes begin to flutter. Hold for 8 seconds, then close your eyes and continue to flutter.

Forehead de-wrinkler

Place four fingers from each hand on the middle of your forehead. Gently sweep them in opposite directions following your hairline down toward your temples. Repeat three to five times to improve the appearance of forehead lines and promote collagen production. You can also try this using firmer pressure by using fists in place of your fingertips.

Chin up, tongue out

Tilt your head back with your chin pointed up and your neck elongated. While in this stretched position, alternate between puckering lips and sticking out your tongue for a few repetitions.

Crow’s feet fighter

Put two fingers on each temple. Apply pressure and slowly drag your fingers (along with skin) in an upwards motion towards your hairline. Breathe in and squint your eyes for three to five seconds. Repeat two or three times to fight stubborn crow’s feet at the outside corner of your eyes.

Under-eye stretch

Reduce those under-eye wrinkles with this simple exercise. First, place your fingers on each side of the bridge of your nose. Then, roll your eyes up and quickly flutter your top lids, engaging and stretching the under-eye area.

Tongue-press your mouth

Close your mouth and press your tongue up against the inside of your top lip. Rotate and trace your tongue in a circle around the mouth clockwise. Change directions, and repeat a few times to reduce the appearance of stubborn smile and laugh lines.

Eye wrinkle releaser

Tilt your chin down to your neck, and open your mouth in a horizontal oval shape. Keeping your head still, roll your eyes upwards. Hold, and then transition your mouth to a vertical oval.

woman practicing face yoga in front of mirror
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Face yoga will not immediately transform your skin or muscle tone. It will take time and commitment, so the results will be gradual and subtle.

In order to be successful, make this a part of your daily skincare routine. Do it before you apply your makeup in the morning or at the end of the day before you go to bed. Just like a regular practice, face yoga can be relaxing or invigorating, so take time to breathe and be gentle with yourself. Namastay young and beautiful.

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