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a beauty shot of a woman with straight hair against a brown background

Yes, you can straighten your tight curls

You love your curls, but sometimes you want smooth hair. We tell you how to get it.
hair types for leave in conditioner antonio gabola l2 pr655dz8 unsplash

Is leave-in conditioner right for your hair type?

Woman blowdrying her hair

Prime Day hair dryer deals 2022: Top 3 picks, from $20

A woman with a short haircut and shiny, beautiful hair.

Check out the coolest hair highlighting trends for fall 2021

what causes dandruff sad girl looking at her damaged hair

What you need to know about dandruff (and how to get rid of it)

The back of a woman's head where you can see the sun hitting her highlights.

Here’s the truth about getting highlights when you’re pregnant

Indian gooseberries and the oil from the fruit.

Does amla oil really make your hair healthier?

Woman with natural hair and her hand on her face

How hair masks improve the health of your mane

A woman going on a jog.

5 post-workout hair hacks you need to try

A woman holding up a flat iron hair straightener.

Flat irons can do more than straighten your hair: Try these hacks

A woman looking at hair care tools that could be damaging her hair.

Are you your hair’s worst enemy? Everyday things we do that damage our hair

A woman spraying product into her hair.

No time to lather up? Try these 3 dry shampoos to add a little life to your ‘do

A woman with a healthy head of sleek hair.

The best leave in conditioners we’ve tried is under $30

Leave-in conditioner can make your hair soft and manageable. Best of all, it doesn't have to break the bank.
A man rubbing his hand along his beard.

Why you should begin using beard oil right now

Beard oil will not only soften and condition your beard, it can promote growth.
A man shaving his head.

Is it time to shave your head? More men are going all in against thinning hair

If you find your hair isn't as lush as it used to be, it may be time to consider shaving your head.
The back of the head of a woman with beautiful hair.

5 incredible benefits of coconut water for hair to consider

We are all familiar with the benefits of drinking coconut water but it is also great for your hair,
Fenugreek plant and seeds in a wood spoon.

Fenugreek seeds can make your hair healthier: here’s why

Healthier hair is easier when you incorporate fenugreek seeds into your routine.
A woman with red curly hair wearing a blue shirt.

How to build the best haircare routine for your curly hair

Curly hair can be a bit hard to manage. Read these ideas to get your mane under control.
A woman getting hair removal done on her legs.

7 important laser hair removal tips you should know

Important things you need to know before you try laser health removal.
A Black woman with gorgeous hair.

8 Black-owned hair care brands you’ll want to check out

Black-owned businesses need our support. Start with these haircare brands.
Rice water and an assortment of other ingredients on the table.

Is rice water good for your hair? What you need to know

As strange as it seems rice water can be beneficial to your hair, adding strength and luster. Here's everything you need to know about rice water and your hair.
A woman with curly hair spraying product in her hair.

The best haircare products under $30 to tame curly hair

Tired of your curls losing the battle to frizz? Your hair needs moisture and control to look its best. If you have curly hair, try these "best of" products.
Spray and other beachy items laid out on the beach.

4 best sea salt sprays under $20 for beachy waves

Looking for that tousled-hair-don't care, just back from the shore look? Try these affordable sea salt sprays for getting beachy waves without leaving home.
A woman enjoying the sunny day on the beach.

The best hair masks under $40 to repair sun damage

Your hair can get fried in the summer just like your skin can. Show your tresses some love and tenderness. These are the best hair masks to repair sun damage.
A woman with a trendy bob haircut.

Now is the perfect time for a bob —here’s what to say to your stylist

It's time for a chop—here's what to tell your stylist to get the perfect bob.
Two women sitting on the beach.

Good, better, best: Sun-protection products for your hair and scalp

These haircare products can help protect your hair and scalp from the sun.
A woman enjoying the sunshine on the beach.

Do these 5 things to protect your beach hair this summer

By following these 5 steps, you can protect your beach hair in the summer.
A woman with beautiful hair laying in the grass on her stomach.

6 incredible hairstylists you should follow on Instagram right now

You should follow these hairstylists on Instagram if you're looking for some inspiration.
A woman with a beauty product in her hand.

We made this DIY mask for sun-damaged hair and the results are incredible

This DIY hair mask can really help with sun damage.
Flat lay of eco-friendly beauty products

How to make your beauty routine better for the Earth (and you)

Beauty products are not always eco-friendly — here's how to take care of the planet while caring for your skin.
Someone getting their haircut.

How to cut your own bangs at home like a pro

There's no need to go to a stylist. Follow these steps to cut your own bangs at home.
Woman looks at scalp in mirror

Why you need to add scalp care to your beauty routine

Scalp care is an important part of your beauty routine. Learn how to treat your scalp right no matter your scalp and hair type.
A woman spraying a spray in her hair.

4 amazing dry shampoos every brunette should know about

These are the best dry shampoos for brunettes for voluminous, grease-free hair.
A group of females sitting on the beach facing the water so you see their backs and beachy hair.

Everything you need to know about sea salt spray

Sea salt sprays can give your hair that effortless beachy look.
A woman with beautiful wavy hair

Here’s how to get that effortless beachy wave

Everyone loves the look of beachy waves. Achieve mermaid hair in these simple steps.