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Wrapping your hair at night – should you give it a try?

We put our hair through the wringer. We pull and tug at it all day, brushing, combing, and braiding and often subjecting it to the heat of a blow dryer or flatiron. Regardless of your hair styling process, it’s important to invest in protecting your mane, keeping it resilient enough to withstand all of your styles.

Wrapping your hair overnight is now considered one of the key methods for stellar protection.

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Benefits of Wrapping Your Hair

Damage protection

While you toss and turn in your sleep, your hair tosses with you. Your hair can tangle, catch, and break continuously through the night. Additionally, cotton pillowcases are notoriously bad for your mane, trapping oils and dirt that your hair reabsorbs throughout the night. Wrapping your hair prevents damage and knotting throughout the night, so you can wake up with a healthy, conditioned, and tangle-free mane.

Skin protection

If you often use leave-in conditioners or overnight treatments, much of this excess product will rub off on your pillow at night. This then transfers to your face while you sleep inciting breakouts and oily skin. As previously mentioned, this is especially common with cotton or blended pillowcases, which absorb more oils than their silk and satin counterparts.

Hair growth

The heat build-up in the wrap increases sebum production from the scalp, holding moisture in the hair so it won’t be as prone to breakages. Additionally, wrapping your hair at night can prevent those early morning tangles, so you won’t be damaging your roots with next day detangling.

Deep conditioning

If you’re an impatient deep conditioner who never leaves in the product as long as you should, consider an overnight treatment. Work a hair mask or deep conditioner through your hair at night, wrap it up, then wash it out in the morning.  Additionally, if you missed any spots, sleeping in the wrap ensures your hair is evenly treated.

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The best wraps to purchase

Now that you’re committed to wrapping your hair at night, it’s time to determine what kind of hair cover works best for you.

Silk wraps are the most well-known wraps for their many advantages, including:

  • They prevent breakage
  • They control frizz and flyaways (that often occur as a result of under-hydration)
  • They don’t leech the moisture out of your hair.
  • They aren’t bulky or uncomfortable to sleep in.

Your hairstyle, length, and texture will determine what type of silk wrap is best for you, whether it’s a scarf, wrap, or bonnet.

Additionally, high-quality satin or plastic shower caps are an excellent investment for low-maintenance hair care. If you don’t plan to wash your hair in the shower, wrap it up in a reusable shower cap and keep it protected throughout your whole routine, whether it’s getting ready for the day or powering down at the end.

While silk caps work to keep moisture in, waterproof satin or polyester caps keep moisture and other dirt out. This is especially great for the summer when the humidity is at an all-time high. Protecting your hair from this excess moisture in the air is great for maintaining your blowout or other freshly styled ‘do.

Whatever your reasons, an overnight hair cover is worth the investment. If you want to see how much healthier and happier your hair can be, and how much easier it can be to style, spend few nights with your hair wrapped to see the results for yourself. Give yourself and your hair a break from heat styling and treat yourself and your hair. You both deserve it.

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