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Elizabeth Blasi

hair types for leave in conditioner antonio gabola l2 pr655dz8 unsplash

Is leave-in conditioner right for your hair type?

We tell you everything you need about leave-in conditioners and how they will work with your hair.
pilates apps woman on ball smiling

5 resources to help build your home gym

Exercise and workout cards to help you build your perfect exercise routine.
are y2k skinny brows for you

To pluck or not to pluck: Is the Y2K skinny brow trend for you?

The Y2K trend is bringing back the skinny brow. We help you decide if you should try it.
housewarming gifts excited woman attending a female friend s party

5 fun and creative housewarming gifts

Find unique presents to gift for your next housewarming party.
woman drinking wine

5 essentials for every wine lover

Here's a list of the top accessories for those who love wine.
wine accessories

5 gifts for the entertainer

If you have a friend of family member who loves to host. We've rounded up five items that would make great gifts.
the best hair removal creams for men cream

Valentine’s Day beauty gifts for him

Here are five Valentine's Day beauty gifts to get for your guy.
make your own lip mask for chapped lips

This DIY lip mask is exactly what you need for chapped lips

DIYers will love this make-at-home lip mask that will leave your lips moist, smooth, and luscious
how to make cologne with essential oil mathilde langevin ymkjbly4jmm unsplash

How to make your own personal fragrance using essential oils

You can make your own colognes using essential oils and a few simple ingredients. Here's how to do it.
best fall eye shadow looks makeup artist applies  beautiful woman face perfect

You are going to want to try these 5 best fall eyeshadow looks for 2021

Check out the amazing eyeshadow looks that are trending this fall.
what causes dandruff sad girl looking at her damaged hair

What you need to know about dandruff (and how to get rid of it)

Dandruff is annoying and embarrassing. We tell you everything you need to know about what causes those little white flakes and how to get rid of them.
use this instead of shaving cream young woman legs

Stop buying shaving cream and use these products you already have instead

Use this instead of shaving cream for a better shave