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Straightening hair without heat: Your go-to guide

The quest for silky straight hair is a perilous one. The most direct route is to apply heat — a lot of it — most often starting with a blow dryer before moving on to a flat iron, both set on high. While the process may get you the look your want, there is a price to pay. All that heat can dry out your hair (and scalp) and cause serious damage from follicles to ends.

Is there a way to have both healthy and beautifully styled hair? As it turns out, the answer is “yes.” We’re sharing some tricks professionals use to help straighten hair without heat.

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Heatless tools

The beauty industry is constantly evolving and creating products that aid the growth and health of your hair. You may not realize you already own some of those products. Most hair dryers come with a cooling option that allows you to dry your hair with cool air only. Using a round brush and a blow dryer set to cool, you can dry damp hair without applying any heat at all. Wide-set brushes can be used to brush your hair straight as a pin until it is completely dry. For either of these strategies, you’ll want to make sure you dry your hair as much as possible beforehand with an ultra-absorbent towel.

Roll it up

Before there were hair tools that could be plugged in, women used decidedly low-tech methods to achieve silky straight locks.

Jumbo rollers are still a popular choice. An added benefit of rollers is that they leave your hair with plenty of volume and can even add a gentle wave. Rollers do take practice, and to steer away from curls you’ll want to get the largest ones possible.

Wrap it up

Some women wrap their hair, which is a centuries-old trick. You’ll need a few pins and a scarf of some kind. With wet hair, comb it straight over the side of your head and pin it firmly in place. Execute this across your head in sections, working from one side to the other. When you are done, wrap your head in the scarf and sleep on it until morning. When you unwrap and unpin, your hair should be fairly straight.


Choose the right products

It starts with the shampoo and conditioner you use. It is best to seek out product lines advertised as “relaxers.” Outside of the shower, you can also try a leave-in conditioner, which will also soften your hair nicely. Serums and sprays will also likely help.

Keep in mind that wet products are designed to help relax hair and should not be considered as an absolute straightening agent. Many of these bottles will tout keratin as a key ingredient, which will help coat and weigh down the strands of your hair.

Using heatless methods to style your hair will make it much healthier in the long run. Because there are so many hair types, it is difficult to pin down a single trick that works for everyone. The best way to know what works for you is to start trying things. If you prefer using tools, grab a round brush and set your blow dryer to its cool setting. Towel dry your hair and comb it thoroughly. Try sleeping your way to straighten hair with rollers or a head wrap.

You may even peruse the aisle of your local beauty store and purchase a leave-in conditioner or relaxing shampoo to help minimize any waves. You will also find that hair is more cooperative when you don’t wash it every single day. Every two to three days is more healthy for your follicles and growth rate. Now that you have a few tricks to try, enjoy experimenting with these far healthier straightening options.

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