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Leah Groth

Former Digital Trends Contributor
black beauty brands

Black owned beauty businesses to support right now

You can help be an ally by supporting these Black owned beauty brands
percussion massager

Do you need a percussion massager – or is it just a fad?

Amidst all the wellness fads, the percussion massager stands out. Here's why, and why it might be the tool your body needs.
girl exercising

Exercise is more than building muscle and losing fat – here’s what else it does for your body

Exercising regularly is vital for your body on many levels - we break down all the reasons you should make working out a habit.
meal delivery

These meal delivery services will bring healthy food right to your door

Getting healthy meals delivered to your door doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg -- these are the best services out there.
woman snacking

Make a habit of healthy snacking by keeping these 14 foods on hand

Whether it's midday munchies or late-night cravings, here are the foods you should keep on hand at all times.
activism protest

Activism is more important than ever – here’s what you can do right now to be an ally

Allyship shouldn't just be a buzzword. Here are ways you can be an ally in your everyday interactions.