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where to buy contact lenses best places 2021

Here are the 7 best places to shop for contact lenses

Here are some of the best online retailers launching contact lens brands and options for ordering at cheaper prices than your regular eye doctor's office.
Woman with long hair sleeping

How you should be sleeping to protect your long hair

Do you have long hair? Check out these tips for how to sleep and what to do before bed to protect your long locks from damage and leave them looking luxurious.
strawberry legs igor rain2 1 1024x1024

All-natural methods to get rid of strawberry legs

Having strawberry legs can make you self-conscious. We offer several tips on how to get rid of dark pores on your legs naturally. 
straightening hair heat ajintai 1 1024x1024

Straightening hair without heat: Your go-to guide

Want to straighten your hair without using damaging heat? We list several effective methods that are definitely worth a try. 
taking vitamins to look younger white in the shape of a heart

Can taking vitamins help you look younger?

Looking for the fountain of youth? Nutrition plays a big factor in a youthful appearance. But what are some other aspects?
nails strong malochka mikalai 1 1024x1024

How to make your nails stronger: 5 proven methods

A broken fingernail can be a real pain. if your nails are falling flat, we list five proven methods to strengthen and improve them.  
best slippers for women slippers3

The 7 best slippers for women in 2020

While some women like to go barefoot, others prefer a nice protective layer between our soles and the ground -- even indoors. Here are our favorite slippers.