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How to choose the best clean beauty products for your makeup bag

While it’s important to sanitize your makeup tools, the clean beauty trend isn’t about cleaning those makeup brushes. Clean beauty concerns what ingredients make up your favorite products, as well as how companies extract and process these ingredients.

Clean beauty products should be safe for the environment and your body. Companies that specialize in these types of products use sustainably sourced ingredients that are less irritating than their synthetic counterparts.

Unlike organic products, the clean beauty label is not regulated by the FDA, so different companies have different standards about what “clean” means. However, there is a general industry standard regarding the chemicals clean beauty products should not include, such as phthalates, parabens, microbeads, formaldehyde preservatives, and fragrances.

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Looking for clean beauty products

Since clean beauty isn’t regulated by a single definition, it is largely up to you to decide what products are up to your standards. A great starting point is the ingredient list. Especially if you have sensitive skin, ultra-processed, synthetic ingredients can be extraordinarily irritating. This doesn’t mean that the product is hypoallergenic, as plenty of people are allergic to these natural ingredients. However, they are generally gentler on sensitive skin.

A good rule of thumb is that clean beauty ingredients should be recognizable, with additions like honey, beeswax, and rose. If you can’t pronounce it, look it up. Additionally, the best companies are very transparent about its processes, listing the origins of product ingredients and its involvement in the local community.

The sustainability of a brand’s packaging is also an indicator of its commitment to clean beauty. Single-use plastic is a massive contributor to landfill waste, speeding up environmental degradation. Keep an eye out for companies that use compostable, reusable or recyclable ingredients to ensure the product is good for you and Mother Nature.

Clean skincare

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. From your face down to your feet, you want your skin looking and feeling its best. Finding the right products that moisturize and protect without the use of harsh chemicals is the key to soft and refreshed skin.

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Here are a few brands that we trust to care for our skin:

Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant is committed to making products without the most common skin irritants. This company combines the safest synthetic ingredients with natural ones without alcohol, fragrance, dye, essential oils, chemical sunscreen, silicone, or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

This company sells skin, hair, and body products, sets, and kits, as well as some specialty gift items. The mini kits are great if you want to try a few of the products before committing to one. We recommend the kit, “The Littles,” a starter kit with a wide variety of products.

Mad Hippie

Mad Hippie is a skincare line that is very aware of its environmental impact. With every purchase, Mad Hippie donates $1 to environmental conservation-focused organizations. It also lists many other programs and organizations it supports on the company website. Further, the products don’t have parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes, or petrochemicals.

If you have dry skin, try the Hydrating Routine for Dry Skin kit. This includes everything you need for smooth and well-conditioned skin.

Often, clean beauty products are more expensive than their standard counterparts. This is because these companies produce products in smaller, specialized batches and don’t have corporate automation and bulk order discounts on their side. If switching out your vanity with clean beauty might strain the budget, many beauty giants offer organic, clean beauty lines. The range of products is more limited than specialty brands, but one small step is still a step farther than you were before.

If you think you’re ready to invest in clean beauty, do your research and choose the products that work best for your skin and lifestyle. Everyone’s skin is different, so be sure to avoid ingredients or processes that have irritated you in the past, and don’t be afraid to experiment with something new.

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