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How to know when your dry skin is worthy of a trip to the dermatologist

We all get dry, flaky skin in the winter — it’s practically a given. Other times of the year, you might still get dry skin depending on your hydration, stress level, and weather patterns. In short, experiencing dry skin from time to time is completely normal, but what about when you have dry skin all day everyday? Is that natural or is it time to seek professional treatment? How dry is too dry? Let’s check out some dry skin treatments and when it might be time to make an appointment with a dermatologist.

The causes

Let’s start with why your skin is dry in the first place. If you know some of the reasons why your skin is getting so dry, it’s possible to prevent it from getting there.

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If your skincare routine includes a very strong cleanser, it’s likely that it’s drying out your skin each day. Try switching to a natural, chemical free face soap, which is much gentler and leaves those healthy, moisturizing oils in your skin. Try First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleanser, which is free of chemicals, fragrances, and other common drying skin irritants.

We know how extreme weather can mess with a gorgeous hair day, but it can wreak havoc on our skin, too. This is especially true for very dry or cold days, which is why the winter weather is the main culprit for seasonal dryness. Try to stay out of extreme weather if you can, and be sure to use a face lotion with SPF whenever you’re exposed to the sun, not only for a day at the beach.

Dry skin can also be the result of common skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis. If you have perpetual dry, bumpy, or flaky skin, reach out to a health professional or dermatologist for an evaluation and diagnosis.

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How to treat dry skin at home

If your dry skin is fairly mild, there are a few at-home treatments to try before calling a doctor.

The first step is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Drinking water everyday is a great way to hydrate from the inside out, but your skin also needs a light moisturizer to keep it healthy, youthful, and glowing. Proper hydration can reduce dryness, but can also diminish wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging or sun damage. For sensitive and dry skin, we love CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 30 which will hydrate your skin and protect it from the sun’s dangerous UV rays.

Daily moisturizers are a necessary step in any skincare routine, but sometimes your skin needs a little extra help. Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Water Gel is a must, as this product is ultra soothing and packed with hyaluronic acid to tone down that excessive dryness.

Just like your hair needs a deep condition every now and then, your skin does too. A moisturizing mask is a good place to start, so look for sheet masks and other spreads that boast moisturizing properties. Stay away from peel-off and acid masks, since these are exfoliators that will only dry your skin out more.

For a luxurious-feeling mask that will hydrate, soothe, and calm your skin, we recommend the Plantifique Store’s 100% Vegan Dead Sea Mud Mask. This natural product is safe for sensitive skin, so it’s an all around fan favorite that will hydrate your skin and give it a healthy glow.

Once you’ve tried these basic, everyday solutions, it might be time to invest in more specific, possibly medicated products. This is especially true if your skin has a few characteristics that go beyond everyday skin woes. These conditions include redness (especially if you have never experienced this before), itching and scratching that leads to open wounds, sleep disruption, and scaly or peeling skin. If you experience any of these, it’s time to call a doctor.

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Sometimes you just have dry skin

Sometimes, dry skin is out of your control. Unfortunately, it might be a genetic condition or trick of the weather, and you’ll just have to moisturize a little more often than your peers. These small changes in the texture of skin are completely normal, and sometimes it just takes a few days to return to healthy, glowing skin you know and love.

However, any time you notice your skin becoming drastically different than normal, don’t hesitate to see a doctor. You know your body and you know your skin, so if something doesn’t seem right, pick up the phone. Otherwise, be sure to treat your skin to gentle cleansers, SPF filled moisturizers, and relaxing face masks. Sometimes, all your skin needs is a little TLC.

BlissMark provides information regarding health, wellness, and beauty. The information within this article is not intended to be medical advice. Before starting any diet or exercise routine, consult your physician. If you don’t have a primary care physician, the United States Health & Human Services department has a free online tool that can help you locate a clinic in your area. We are not medical professionals, have not verified or vetted any programs, and in no way intend our content to be anything more than informative and inspiring.

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