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Man wearing patterned button-up shirt

3 men’s clothing subscription boxes to fit any budget

We look at the options available for men looking for curated clothing collections
Happy woman wearing jewelry on a sunny day

6 black-owned jewelry companies you should check out right now

These black-owned jewelry companies offer some of the most unique bling you'll ever see
Woman looking at iPhone 13 at Apple store

How iPhone 13’s improved camera will make you and your world more beautiful

Improvements to the iPhone 13 camera improve image and video quality, making you and your world more beautiful
Woman wearing a blazer and jeans

Blazers don’t have to be boring. We show you how to up your style quotient

We will show you how to make a blazer look stylish now that it's almost time to add a layer.
Two women biking in the woods

All-weather biking: We look at the 3 best options in leg-wear for fall cycling

We’ll help you find the best bike shorts for fall.
Woman browsing clothes at a thrift store

How to avoid fast fashion when you can’t afford anything else

Fast fashion is a nightmare for the environment, but, what can you do when you're on a budget and can't avoid brands like Zara and Shein? Read to find out!
Woman tying hiking boots on a rock

These are the best non-wool hiking socks for women

Your socks are as important as your boots when you are out on a hike. We look at the best non-wool brands to keep your feet comfortable and healthy.
Woman wearing a blue leather trench coat

A simple guide to dress for your body type this fall

Take a look at how to look your best this fall no matter what your body type.
Denim clothes hanging on a clothesline

Honey I unshrunk your shirt: Hacks for stretching your clothes back to size

You can fix your laundry fail by using these tips to unshrink your clothes
Friends sitting outside in the fall

These 5 Instagrammers are making us so excited for Fall fashion

Check out the fall fashion trends making a splash on Instagram
Woman working from home in sweatpants

The best work-from-home sweatpants under $101 that are comfy and stylish

We look at the best comfy, stylish sweats to wear working from home
a young girl with short dark hair wears a white t shirt and khaki shorts in front of a red graffiti wall

These are the best white T-shirts for all genders

These white t-shirts are a timeless addition to any wardrobe
covid vaccine card carry wallet slimfold original

This is the perfect wallet for carrying your COVID vaccination card

As it becomes clear most (maybe all) of us should carry our vaccine card around, we've found a wallet that's stylish, durable, and fits your vaccine card easily
Woman wearing a striped dress and neutral accessories

5 super cute ways to wear a striped dress to consider

If you have a striped dress gathering dust in your closet, here are some ways to make it cute and stylish
Woman wearing a bathing suit with ruffles

How to choose the right bathing suit when you have a rectangle-shaped figure

If nature did not give you an hourglass figure, you can create the illusion of curves. Follow these tips to find the perfect swimsuit for an athletic build.
Woman wearing platform sandals on a purple background

Platform sandals are trendy again and these are the best under $65 you can get

Platform sandals are back and trending hot this season. Check out these five that we consider the best (affordable) platform sandals currently on the market.
Woman wearing a shawl while on the computer

6 workwear tips if your office is always freezing

Avoid the office temperature wars. There are many tactics you can employ to stay cozy in a freezing office. Learn how to keep warm when the AC is on high.
Woman wearing a wrap dress on the beach

5 incredible summer fashion tips for petite women

If you're petite, try these amazing summer fashion tips
Woman wearing a tank top, cardigan, and boho skirt

How to wear a tank top for every occasion

There are so many ways to style a tank top. These are the best.
Woman working from home in a polished blouse

6 style tips if your coworkers are back in the office — but you’re not

This is what to wear when your coworkers are back in the office but you're still remote.
Curvy women in swimsuits taking selfie on beach

4 amazing swimsuits under $100 for apple-shaped women

These bathing suits work great for apple-shaped women.
Woman hiking through a meadow

The best hiking gear under $55 that offers UV protection

The best outdoor gear not only keeps you covered, it helps to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Check out these great finds for your next hike.
Person folding clothes

How to properly store your winter wardrobe

This is the best way to store your winter wardrobe.
Woman wearing a midi skirt

The best summer fashion trends for pear-shaped women

Pear-shaped women should try out these summer fashion trends.
Woman wearing a sun hat at the beach

The best beach hats under $50 that offer UV protection

These beach hats will help to protect you from the sun.
Smiling woman wearing black and white stripes

6 stunning ways to accessorize black and white stripes

Accessorize black and white stripes with these great ideas.
Woman wearing leggings at the office

Can you wear leggings to work? Yes, if you follow these rules

If you want to wear leggings to work, follow these rules.
Woman shopping for clothes

5 of the best places to buy women’s t-shirts

These 5 places offer high-quality t-shirts and sustainable practices.
Woman working remotely with her children

What does workwear look like in a remote world?

With more people working from home, the rules around workwear are changing.
Black woman fashion designer

How to dress for your body shape

If you need to dress to impress, knowing your body type is critical. Here's how to figure out your shape (and tips and tricks for dressing well for it).
Woman in a t-shirt on a bicycle

5 high-quality t-shirts that won’t fall apart

The classic t-shirt is a timeless staple. These options won’t fall apart after one wash.
yoga pants work woman 1024x1024  1

Should you wear yoga pants to work? It’s complicated

Is wearing yoga pants at the office a good idea? The answer is not as straightforward as you might think.