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The best work-from-home sweatpants under $101 that are comfy and stylish

Lazy pants. Give-up-on-life pants. Sweatpants get a bad rap, or at least they did before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Now they’re everyone’s go-to garment. Even as we open up, more and more people are still unwilling to ditch the comfort of sweats. And why should they? There are tons of cozy and stylish sweatpants on the market that you can wear working from home or out on the town. Keep your workday fun and fashionable with our eight favorite pairs of work from home pants.

Girlfriend Collective Moss R&R Lightweight Jogger

Girlfriend Collective is one of the best brands for sustainable essentials, activewear, and loungewear. The company prides itself on being as transparent and eco-friendly as possible. These joggers are made of 91% recycled polyester sourced from used water bottles. The R&R Lightweight Joggers are super-soft, inside and out. Plus, they feature a drawcord waistband, pockets, and cuffed legs. They are available in five gorgeous colors (hello, moss green!) and 11 sizes from XXS to 6XL. It’s no wonder that over 1,800 customers love these sweatpants!

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ASOS Daisy Street Plus Relaxed Sweatpant Set in Patchwork Pastel

Who says you can’t be fashionable while still being comfortable? The patchwork design of these ASOS sweatpants is so trendy right now! With the relaxed, tapered design and soft material, you’ll never want to take these pants off. These plus-size sweatpants are available in UK sizes 18 to 28 (check the size chart to convert to American sizes).  Keep in mind that reviewers say these sweatpants run a little big, so be sure to size down if you’re unsure.

Nike Sportswear Essential Fleece Pants

You can’t go wrong with a pair of basic black sweatpants, and the Sportswear Essential Fleece Pants from Nike are some of the best. The jogger-style sweats are ultra-soft, thanks to the semi-brushed fleece interior. It has an adjustable drawcord waistband, fitted cuffs, and pockets. And don’t forget the signature Nike swoosh logo!

Shein Butterfly Print Elastic Waist Sweatpants

Fully embrace Y2K fashion with these trendy sweatpants from Shein. With the loose, wide-leg fit and subtle butterfly pattern, your middle school self will be so jealous. And, these sweatpants have over 4,000 reviews on the site with a rating of 4.8 stars. Order a pair of these comfy sweats to see why they’re so well-loved.

Entireworld Loop Back Sweatpants Blush Pink

You’ve probably seen this Instagram-favorite brand dominating your feed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. But it’s easy to see why people love Entireworld. The Loop Back Sweatpants feature a relaxed fit and cuffed leg. It’s made of soft, lightweight, and organic cotton Japanese loopback French terry and recycled polyester. The lounge pants are also available in a range of colors (the blush pink is our favorite).

Naclo Character’s Sweatpants

Naclo is a newer brand that was started during the COVID quarantine, so you know they know a thing or two about sweats. These cute black sweatpants feature a unique flower design printed down the right leg that was inspired by four-year-old Norah Grace’s pandemic artwork. The fleece lounge pants are comfortable, making them great for working from home. And, the Character’s Sweatpants are available in sizes small through triple XL.

SKIMS Cozy Knit Pant

Kim Kardashian’s loungewear and underwear brand, SKIMS, makes tons of great basics, including the Cozy Knit Pants. These lounge pants are made of stretchy and breathable boucle yarn. The loose-fitting, straight-leg design is trendy and comfortable. Plus, you can find tops in the same color and material from the brand to create chic co-ord sets.

Old Navy Mid-Rise Vintage Street Jogger Sweatpants

Tie-dye will always be cool. These sweatpants from Old Navy are no exception. They’re available in a few different tie-dye colors, including teal, hot pink, coral, and olive. The soft-washed fleece gives these pants a pre-loved, vintage feel. The Mid-Rise Vintage Street Jogger Sweatpants are cozy and stylish, and they have over 1,700 reviews to back them. Old Navy also has regular, petite, and tall sizing, making it easy to find a pair of sweats that will fit perfectly.

Wondering how to style sweatpants? Start by choosing a cute pair! With any one of these fashionable lounge pants, you can look great and feel comfortable while working remotely or running errands. This selection encompasses the best sweatpants the web has to offer. Whether you’re looking for something basic or bold, trendy or timeless, inexpensive or upscale, there are sweatpants that you’ll love.

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