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6 style tips if your coworkers are back in the office — but you’re not

With COVID-19 restrictions loosening and vaccine rollouts ramping up, more and more companies are returning to in-person work. This is making for quite a confusing time in the business world, as offices move to a hybrid model with some employees working in person while others log on remotely. One of these changes is a pretty big one: the office dress code.

The work-from-home dress code is notoriously lax, so what happens when you’re still in a T-shirt and sweatpants while your in-office coworkers are back to wearing suits and polished dresses? Is it time to step up your wardrobe for video calls with clients and colleagues? Read on to learn how to dress professionally from home.

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Woman working from home in a polished blouse

Keep a nice blouse nearby

You never know when you’ll be called into a last-minute video call with a client or associate. For these occasions, it helps to have a nice, polished blouse at the ready. Keeping a business-appropriate top (now lovingly known as the “Zoom shirt”) near your workspace can prevent the stress of running into your bedroom and choosing a new outfit. With this strategy, you can still wear your casual, athleisure wear as long as you’re not on a call. Plus, you can always wear your sweatpants, whether the camera is on or not.

Throw on an easy dress

Casual dresses are perhaps the easiest way to look office-appropriate while maintaining your comfort. They are ultra-low maintenance, making them ideal for days when pants and leggings just aren’t cutting it. Plus, wearing professional or formal clothing may make you feel more confident and productive. Look for dresses made of cotton or stretchy maxi dresses that are comfortable and unrestrictive. Just make sure they’re not too low-cut for the office.

Woman working from home in a blazer
Marcus Aurelius/Pexels

Match your outfit with a cardigan or blazer

Layering your fit with a cute cardigan or a blazer is a simple way to elevate a casual look to a workplace-ready one. Even solid-colored tank tops and lightweight tees can be dressed up with a jacket or sweater. Be sure to shop for neutral colors, like black, navy blue, or cream. Both fitted and oversize options look fashionable and appropriate for the office, so choose whatever works best with your wardrobe.

Shoot for a polished but comfortable look

When you are picking out your outfit for the day, aim for comfort and sophistication. You don’t have to choose between professionalism and coziness. Select looser fabrics, oversized pieces, and materials with a little stretch to add comfort to your work wardrobe, then dress it up with jewelry and other accessories. With a little bit of tweaking, you can transform your everyday loungewear into a Zoom-ready fit.

Woman working remotely
Daniel Thomas/Unsplash

Perfect a “light” version of your hair and makeup

Don’t forget about your hair and makeup! For a natural but put-together look, start with some moisturizer and a little bit of concealer under your eyes to brighten your face. Add a bit of mascara and blush, then Voila! You have an easy webcam-ready look. For your hair, get rid of any flyaways by going over it quickly with a comb, pulling it back in a chic ponytail, or securing it with a little gel. This five-to-ten-minute routine can give your overall look the polish it needs to keep up with your in-office coworkers.

Wear minimal accessories

Keep your accessories simple when you’re working from home. Consider wearing a thin necklace for an effortless touch of sparkle, or put on some simple stud earrings or small hoops. These finishing touches elevate your look and tie together your overall appearance for video chats without going overboard with the glam.

Getting dressed for work when you’re still remote doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can still enjoy comfortable clothes while appearing professional to your in-office colleagues and clients. By keeping a nice top prepared for calls, layering with a blazer or sweater, and rounding out your look with simple makeup and accessories, you can meet your company’s dress code all while staying comfy. It is possible to be both professional and comfortable, and with these helpful tips, you’ll be well on your way!

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