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Good, better, best: Water filtration systems for the home

These are the best water filtration systems you can get.
woman's feet on bathroom scale

Gained weight during COVID-19? How to lose the ‘quarantine 15’


You should incorporate these healthy breakfast foods into your diet immediately


What you need to know about organic wine

kitchen gadgets love

5 kitchen items to make packing homemade meals easier

woman with red apron using rolling pin in kitchen

Innovative kitchen tools any cook will appreciate

A woman practices journaling.

Coffee essentials for a great start to the morning

Chia seed, yogurt, and berry parfaits

6 go-to snack foods that improve memory

Woman eating a salad at her desk

5 great items for on-the-go meals

Baker pouring flour into a bowl

Try these 4 amazing flours to replace wheat when baking

what are microgreens a closeup of

What are microgreens? We take a closer look


5 healthy tortilla alternatives for your low-carb lifestyle

sugar free yogurt in mug

Sugar-free yogurts that will keep you coming back for more

Sugar-free yogurt is delicious - and these brands prove it
a woman on the couch with a stomach ache

4 warning signs of an unhealthy gut (and how to fix it)

Our gut influences many aspects of our health. Here are 4 signs that yours needs help
peanut butter in a ceramic bowl

Is you sweet tooth acting up? Try these 6 sugar-free snacks

Sometimes you just need something sweet. Here are some ideas to soothe that craving without increasing your sugar intake.
pancakes on a plate with berries and bananas

3 healthy pancake recipes that are totally delicious

Homemade pancakes don't have to be diet busters. Here are some recipes for from-scratch healthy pancakes.
picking good apples girl

Here’s how to pick the perfect apple

Apples are one of the most popular fruits in America, with their peak season beginning in mid-summer. Here are several tips for selecting the perfect apple.
a cup and spoonful of plain yogurt on a black table

4 best low-sugar yogurt brands that are good for your gut

Looking for gut-healthy, low-sugar yogurts? Try these.
a glass half-full of milk on a concrete slab with grass in the background

4 delicious healthy milk alternatives to consider

There is an ever-growing number of alternative milks flooding the market. Which is the best for you depends on if you have allergies and your nutritional needs.
fourth of july grill recipes burgers on

6 healthy grill recipes for your Fourth of July BBQ

Try these amazing grill ideas at your Fourth of July BBQ.

Good, better, best: Organic ketchups you can get at the grocery store

These are the best organic ketchups you can get at the supermarket.

6 400-calorie lunches you can make while working from home

These quick and healthy lunches are perfect for working from home.

A simple guide to clean and sustainable seafood

Not sure how to find sustainable seafood? Read this guide.
healthy eating vacation tips women pizza restaurant

Start eating healthy on vacation with these 5 useful tips

Eat healthy on vacation with these life hacks and tips.

Alkaline water vs. regular water: Which is better for you?

Should you drink alkaline water or regular water? Consider these factors.

3 incredible low-calorie snacks that satisfy

Pick up these low-calorie snacks today for a healthier option in between meals.

4 organic or non-GMO condiments we’re obsessed with right now

You'll love these clean condiments as much as we do.

Good, better, best: 3 healthy taco shell brands to try out

Make Taco Tuesdays healthier with these taco shell brands

Good, better, best: The post-workout snacks you’ll love

These healthy snacks are handy and great after a workout.

Choose these 4 healthy snacks instead of cookies

Skip the cookies — these healthy snacks taste sweet, but without the calories

Good, better, best: Healthy pancake mixes you’ll love

These healthy pancake mixes are delicious and good for you.

The best way to improve sleep could be through gut health

Here's how gut help can affect how well you sleep and what you can do about it.

The Mediterranean diet boosts your brain — but not if you eat this

A recent study pointed to habits that reduced the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Here's what you need to know.

The 5 best healthy tortilla alternatives for Taco Tuesdays

Make Taco Tuesday a little healthier with these tortilla alternatives.

The best healthy snacks you need to stock up on right now

These are the healthy snacks you need to stock up on today.