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5 kitchen items to make packing homemade meals easier

Maybe you want to eat healthier or save money. Maybe you want to spend more of your lunch break relaxing instead of running around trying to find food. The best way to reach these goals is to pack your own lunch. Forgetting or not having time to pack your meals is a hard habit to break.

Whether you’re packing your kid’s school lunches or your own lunches, we’ve compiled some helpful tips and kitchen items to put you back on track. Everything below will help make packing your homemade meals easier.

Keep working on your goals for healthier eating and homemade packed meals. Think of these kitchen items and tips as motivation to get started on more efficient meal prep.

Cooking doesn’t have to be a dreadful chore. Make it fun by taking the stress out of the equation. Soon you’ll be in a routine of meal prepping and you’ll have a meal packed for every day of the week.

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A calming candle, a warm, cozy bed, and comfortable pillows are the hallmarks of an excellent nighttime routine. Your bedtime ritual should be something that you look forward to as an opportunity to wind down after a long day. If it isn’t already, it’s time to revamp how you spend your time before lights out. Here are five fabulous tools you can use to update your bedtime routine from bland to beautiful. 

Of course, your bedtime routine might look slightly different—because it should be customized to suit you and your individual needs. As long as you find that your nighttime rituals put you in the right mindset to end the day on a great note, your bedtime routine is a success. Nevertheless, there’s always room for improvement, though, and these items can help you add a bit of luxury to your routine. 

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5 great items for on-the-go meals
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Dining out is fun, but regularly eating homemade meals can keep your wallet heavier and fuel your body with more nutritious foods. In a 2017 study, researchers linked eating home-cooked meals with a better quality diet.
You can’t exactly head to the fridge and whip up a nutrient-rich meal if you’re working from the office or out at the beach, though. Enter brown-bagging it. The practice of packing your own meal may feel like a grade-school throwback. However, it’s a way to fit in a home-cooked meal away from home.
If it’s been a while since you packed your own lunch, allow us to update you: The humble brown bag is something of a relic. These days, there are plenty of reusable options to cut down on your carbon footprint. There are also new ways to ensure your drink stays temperature-controlled. Consider these five items when you’re eating on the fly.

Eating on the go doesn’t always have to involve takeout. Instead, you can brown-bag it using more modern products. Indulging in homemade meals is typically a healthier way to fuel your body. You can nix added salt, sugar, and grease. It can also save you money, though you’ll want to invest in some reusable products to keep your food at the right temperature and from spilling. Bento boxes can separate items like dressings, and coolers are ideal for adventures. Travel mugs, bottle sleeves, and ice packs can ensure your food and drink keep until you’re ready to dig in or drink up.

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Make your workday less stressful with these 5 desk essentials
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Most Americans spend the majority of their time at work. And no matter if you’re working from home or you’re back in the office, you are bound to encounter more than a few stressful situations. Sometimes, you need more than daydreams of warm, sandy beaches to get through the day. Thankfully, there are small changes you can make to bring a little bit of tranquility to your workspace- without packing up and hopping a plane to Turks and Caicos. To avoid the dreaded burnout and make your workday as peaceful as possible, keep these five de-stressing essentials close by your desk.

Working all day long may never be completely stress-free. But with these five office relaxation essentials, you can totally transform your workday. Make sitting for long hours more bearable with the bonmedico Orthopedic Seat Cushion and Cloud Massage Foot Massager. Remove all the clutter from your desk with the Hercules Tuff Charging Station. And take a break to recharge with a cup of Kiss Me Organics’ Blooming Green Tea and a bit of light therapy with the Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp. By making these simple changes to your office space, you can make working as peaceful and low-stress as possible.

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