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woman in a dress with arms outstretched outside

4 reasons to travel solo

Ever wonder about traveling without a companion? Here's why you might want to give it a try.
woman backpacking in nature

The best ways to relax this Labor Day weekend

Try these best ideas for relaxing on Labor Day weekend.
woman in pink dress sitting at a wooden table

3 sneaky reasons why life may be boring you

Does life feel dull to you? Here's some reasons you might feel that way.
q tips in a white basket on bathroom counter

Doctors say this is why it’s okay to clean your nose with a cotton swab

Learn why it is OK to clean your nose with a Q-tip
a woman in a green shirt receiving chiropractic care

5 benefits of chiropractic care that should convince you to make an appointment

Read this if you want to know how chiropractic care helps
woman's hands on phone

The 6 best apps we’ve found for managing anxiety

These are some of the best apps we've found for managing anxiety
a woman sleeping towards the edge of the bed in a blue shirt

How to choose the best pillow for neck and shoulder pain

Check out these tips on how to choose the best pillow
woman listening to music on blue yoga mat with purple hand weights nearby

5 best songs to add to your yoga playlist

Try adding these songs to your yoga playlist to reach true nirvana
person in home office with headphones on

5 useful tips to focus better at work

Try these handy tips to improve your focus on the job.
a woman with blonde hair displaying acupuncture ear seeds

Why acupuncture ear seeds are great for people with anxiety

Need help with anxiety? Acupuncture ear seeds may help
a cup and spoonful of plain yogurt on a black table

4 best low-sugar yogurt brands that are good for your gut

Looking for gut-healthy, low-sugar yogurts? Try these.
a bathroom counter with three unbranded creams and plant

The top natural remedies for nixing sunburn fast

Try these natural remedies to take the burn out of sunburn.

Do these 5 things to create the best relaxing bedtime routine for adults

If you're having a hard time getting to sleep, try these relaxing routines.
woman folding laundry on the floor

Why Friday night is the best time to clean your home

Forget Saturday cleanings. You should be doing chores on Friday.

How to build the best skincare routine if you’re prone to acne

If you are prone to acne it can be tempting to resort to extreme cleansing methods, but moderation is key. Follow these skincare steps if you're prone to acne
two people playing video game on flatscreen

Why video games can be a great way to de-stress

Contrary to popular belief, there are some video games that can help improve mindfulness and relieve stress. We look at a few games that help you chill out.
a woman doing tree pose on a beach

You should get outside this weekend to practice self care

What you need to know about the outdoors and mindfulness
woman doing overhead tricep dip on track

You can do this daily stretching routine in under 10 minutes

It can be difficult to squeeze a daily workout into a busy schedule even though we know we should. This is a quick stretch routine that everyone can easily do.
woman looking out window while sitting in chair

Experts weigh in on how to handle anxiety about reopening post-pandemic

Being anxious about post-pandemic reopening after a year of social distancing is understandable. Read these tips designed to help get you back into life safely.
a glass half-full of milk on a concrete slab with grass in the background

4 delicious healthy milk alternatives to consider

There is an ever-growing number of alternative milks flooding the market. Which is the best for you depends on if you have allergies and your nutritional needs.
snack shelf organization with glass jars

Organizing your snack shelf is the key to healthy eating — here’s how

Snacking can boost energy and keep the "hangries" away between meals. Ensure you reach for healthy options by following these tips to organize your snack shelf
a person meditating in the sand by the ocean

4 most relaxing yoga poses you should try

Yoga is a great way to increase relaxation. Try these relaxing yoga poses if you're stressed
person holding a bottle of essential oil over a white basin with flowers

Good, better, best: Essential oil diffusers perfect for your bedroom

These essential oil diffusers will be a perfect fit in your bedroom

6 self-care tips for working through grief

Use these strategies to work through your grief when you've lost a loved one.
fourth of july grill recipes burgers on

6 healthy grill recipes for your Fourth of July BBQ

Try these amazing grill ideas at your Fourth of July BBQ.

What you need to know about acupressure points and pain relief

This is everything you need to know about acupressure points and the benefits of this treatment.
desk exercises guide woman doing pushup

7 great exercises you can do at your desk

These exercises are great for you and easy to do at your desk.

Good, better, best: Organic ketchups you can get at the grocery store

These are the best organic ketchups you can get at the supermarket.

The best sleep tech to turn the world on silent

These sleep technologies make getting a good night's rest easy.

6 400-calorie lunches you can make while working from home

These quick and healthy lunches are perfect for working from home.

5 decluttering podcasts under 30 minutes to start your day right

These podcasts can really help with your organization, both in your home and in your mind.

Relax your mind with these 4 simple summer gardening projects

Gardening can be great for mindfulness. Here's what you should know.

4 simple ways to improve your posture at your desk

Follow these easy tips to improve your posture at work.

What is pilates? A beginner’s guide

This is everything you need to know about pilates before you add it to your routine.

Now is the best time to Marie Kondo your mind — here’s how

You've de-cluttered your home, but have you de-cluttered your mind? Here's how.