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woman in white shirt and jeans holding laundry basket

5 natural cleaning products to use when tidying up

These natural cleaning products keep your home clean and you healthy.

A simple guide to clean and sustainable seafood

Not sure how to find sustainable seafood? Read this guide.

4 ways to use golf to de-stress

De-stress with golf by implementing these helpful tips.

How to turn your staycation into a spa-cation

Turn your home into a spa with these four simple steps.

5 relaxing podcasts to listen to if you’re not into meditation

These stress-relieving podcasts are as good as meditation.

3 fantastic yoga workouts for beginners on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has some great yoga workouts for beginners. These are the best.

Delete these apps from your phone right now to protect your privacy

These are the apps you should delete from your phone immediately.

The best travel products under $40 to reduce vacation stress

These travel products can help reduce anxiety on vacation.

Why music therapy might be exactly what you need for anxiety

Music therapy has a number of benefits. Find out if it could work for you.

Working from home ruined your posture — here’s how to improve it

Follow these tips and tricks to improve your posture.
healthy eating vacation tips women pizza restaurant

Start eating healthy on vacation with these 5 useful tips

Eat healthy on vacation with these life hacks and tips.

What you need to know before trying hot yoga

Here is everything you need to know about hot yoga.

This Netflix show will help you get organized

Watch this Netflix show to up your organizational skills.

4 health rules it’s okay to break once in a while

This is the "good enough" guide to healthy living you need.

Women can now be screened for anxiety as part of routine checkups

Anxiety screenings are now part of routine checkups for women.

4 basic yoga poses for beginners to try out today

These yoga poses are simple and easy for beginners to do.

How to deal with grief in the workplace professionally

Follow these tips for dealing with grief when you have to go to work.

Why reading everyday should be part of your daily routine

Reading every day offers a lot of benefits for your health and well-being.

How to set work-life boundaries when you work from home

When you work from home, it's easy to let work time bleed into home time. Here's how to avoid it.

Alkaline water vs. regular water: Which is better for you?

Should you drink alkaline water or regular water? Consider these factors.

The best yoga pants under $30 that still feel high end

Want Yoga pants but don't want to spend high-end prices? These pants are comfortable and durable.

4 self-care tips on Mother’s Day when you’ve lost your mom

If you've lost your mom, here's how to handle Mother's Day.

How to start a running routine so you’ll stick to it

Follow these steps to start — and maintain — your running routine.

How to use an essential oil diffuser to reduce stress

Essential oil diffusers can help reduce stress. Here's how to use one properly.

3 incredible low-calorie snacks that satisfy

Pick up these low-calorie snacks today for a healthier option in between meals.

4 organic or non-GMO condiments we’re obsessed with right now

You'll love these clean condiments as much as we do.

Good, better, best: 3 healthy taco shell brands to try out

Make Taco Tuesdays healthier with these taco shell brands

4 uplifting movies on Disney+ to watch when you just need to relax

These movies will always put you in a good mood when you're practicing self-care.

5 helpful tips for finding the right therapist

Everything you need to know about choosing a therapist.

Good, better, best: The post-workout snacks you’ll love

These healthy snacks are handy and great after a workout.

Choose these 4 healthy snacks instead of cookies

Skip the cookies — these healthy snacks taste sweet, but without the calories

Now is the perfect time to try the KonMari method — here’s how

The KonMari method can be a life-saver for decluttering your life.

Good, better, best: Healthy pancake mixes you’ll love

These healthy pancake mixes are delicious and good for you.

The best way to improve sleep could be through gut health

Here's how gut help can affect how well you sleep and what you can do about it.

Why you need to practice self-care during quarantine

Self-care is more important than ever during times of isolation.