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The best yoga pants under $30 that still feel high end

Athleisure sales boomed during 2020, and you can probably guess why. Many of us had limited options on where to go, so staying comfy at home became a priority. Plus, technology like Zoom only captures our bodies from the neck up, so the need to wear professional-looking bottoms became non-existent.

Popular brands like Athleta, Lululemon, and Nike sell comfortable yoga pants for $60 and up, with some going for more than $100. There’s nothing wrong with investing in a pair of high-end pants. However, if you don’t want to splurge on something that you don’t plan to wear outside of your home, there are plenty of brands making affordable yoga pants that still feel luxe.

To help you find them, we browsed the internet for the best yoga pants under $30.


Old Navy High-Waisted Slim Boot Cut Yoga Pants

Whether you’re wearing yoga pants while working from home or plan to get into a downward-facing dog, you want a pair that feels like a second skin. Pants that are too tight or baggy will impede your mobility and comfort level. These yoga pants from Old Navy fit like gloves. They’re not too clingy, allowing people to move as they please. The pants also come in tall or petite sizes, making them more accessible to women who need longer or shorter leg lengths. The pants are also known to ship fast, and Old Navy frequently holds sales. The only downside: They sell like hotcakes.

Who they’re great for: Tall and petite women who need different leg lengths

 Ideology Flex Stretch Bootcut Pants

Like the Old Navy yoga pants, these yoga pants, created especially for Macy’s, are selling quickly. They come in two colors, noir space dye (which is dark gray) and the more traditional black. More than 2,000 people have purchased the pants, which boast 4.5 stars from more than 400 reviewers.  People love how comfortable they are. They’re wrinkle-free, which is helpful because no one wants to iron yoga pants (they’re supposed to be low-maintenance). They also have a high waist, which is ideal if you’re recovering from a c-section or other ab surgery. Word to the wise: The pants run a bit small. Consider sizing up.

Who they’re great for: Women recovering from a c-section or ab surgery

All-in-Motion Women’s Contour Curvy High-Waisted Straight-Leg Pants with Power Waist

At some point, a more normal life will resume, and you might consider heading out in yoga pants every once in a while. If this sounds like you, consider grabbing yoga pants with pockets, like this pair from Target. The pocket is large enough to fit a cell phone and some cash. These pants are comfortable, durable, and don’t cause pesky issues like chafing. They’re perfect for lounging, but people use them for working out, too. Consider them a go-to for yoga, barre, or dancing. The power mesh waistband adds tummy control, and these pants are designed to flatter curvy figures. The pants come in long, short, and regular sizes.

Who they’re great for: Curvy women, as well as tall and petite women

Ewedoos Women’s Yoga Pants with Pockets

These Amazon best-sellers have a 4.5-star-rating from reviewers. Ewedoos yoga pants are stretchy but not see-through, so they’re safe to wear outside of the house. The waistband also boasts tummy-control powers. There’s a pocket large enough to fit your cell phone, keys, and commuter card, so they’ll fit into your post-pandemic lifestyle, too. The pants are also incredibly soft. Though people enjoy lounging in Ewedoos yoga pants, they also say they’re ideal for exercise too. The pants are squat proof — the crotch area doesn’t tear during strength training — and people wear them for cardio workouts like cycling and running as well.

Who they’re great for: Anyone looking to wear yoga pants for exercise and daily errands

Yoga pants have become everyday wear in the last year as we’ve worked — and even toasted at happy hours —  virtually. While it’s fine to spend top-dollar on a pair, some of the best yoga pants are under $30. Look for a pair of affordable yoga pants that’s comfortable so you can reach peak relaxation levels while lounging (or working) in them. You’ll also want pants that are durable and can survive everything from exercise to several rounds in your washing machine. Some have pockets big enough to fit your phone — a bonus if you plan to return to in-studio yoga classes post-pandemic.

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