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long distance relationship issues games

4 common long-distance relationship problems and tips to avoid them

Long-term relationships take extra work. But if you and your partner are aware of these four stumbling blocks, you can avoid potential problems down the road.
A person using their fitness tracker on an outdoor workout

What you need to know about Amazon’s new Halo View fitness tracker

Is Amazon's Halo View fitness tracker worth it? We tell you everything you need to know.
Woman looking at iPhone 13 at Apple store

How iPhone 13’s improved camera will make you and your world more beautiful

Improvements to the iPhone 13 camera improve image and video quality, making you and your world more beautiful
a woman in downward facing dog with her phone on a tripod

3 ways to improve your wellness using iPhone 13 and SharePlay

SharePlay on iPhone 13 can help you connect with friends, virtual workout buddies, share your favorite fitness videos and more.
too much fiber woman constipation

Can you eat too much fiber? Yes! Here’s 3 signs you’re overdoing it

Most Americans don't get enough fiber in their diets. But occasionally the opposite problem--consuming too much fiber--can occur. Here are three telltale signs.
Woman wearing a blazer and jeans

Blazers don’t have to be boring. We show you how to up your style quotient

We will show you how to make a blazer look stylish now that it's almost time to add a layer.
arguing healthy relationships woman listening argument

Arguing in healthy relationships. What you need to know

Arguments are common even in healthy relationships. Here's what you need to know about how to argue in a productive way, without damaging your relationship.
love language definition couple sporting event

What are love languages and how can you use them to improve your relationship?

The five love languages are incredibly popular. Not sure what they are? Here's a summary of each and info on how they can help you improve your relationship.
Woman pouring green smoothie into a cup

4 delicious natural energy drinks you can make at home

Learn how to mix up delicious natural energy drinks in your own kitchen
Two women biking in the woods

All-weather biking: We look at the 3 best options in leg-wear for fall cycling

We’ll help you find the best bike shorts for fall.
Woman browsing clothes at a thrift store

How to avoid fast fashion when you can’t afford anything else

Fast fashion is a nightmare for the environment, but, what can you do when you're on a budget and can't avoid brands like Zara and Shein? Read to find out!
balance ball vs office chair woman laptop

Should you replace your office chair with a balance ball?

People use balance balls for a range of fitness activities. Now, many use them in place of office chairs. But is that a good idea? Here's what you need to know.
late night snack sleep man fridge

Can your late-night snack be ruining your sleep?

Late-night snack cravings aren't uncommon, but the wrong foods can wreak havoc on your sleep. And caffeine isn't the only culprit. Here are foods to avoid.
low impact cardio workout woman dancing exercise

3 ways to get a great low-impact cardio workout if you hate running

Running is not for everyone. Luckily it's not the only way to break a sweat. Here are three great lower-impact cardio workouts you can add to your routine.
small talk easy group office

5 great conversation starters to make small talk more natural

Good small-talking is an underrated skill. Take a look at our top five conversation starters to help you practice more comfortable and confident small talk.
water hydration hot cold woman drinking

You know you need to drink more water, but does the temperature matter?

Drinking enough water can be a challenge. Can the temperature of the water give you a leg up? Here's a look at the hydration power of cold, warm and hot water.
Woman tying hiking boots on a rock

These are the best non-wool hiking socks for women

Your socks are as important as your boots when you are out on a hike. We look at the best non-wool brands to keep your feet comfortable and healthy.
gym safety after covid clean return

Is it safe to go back to the gym? Working out after COVID

As COVID rules change across the country, is it safe to return to the gym? Here's what you need to know about a safe return to your favorite fitness center.
vegan protein powder workout pea

The best vegan protein powders to fuel your workouts

Whey protein is a popular workout supplement, but what if you're vegan or lactose intolerant? These are three of the top plant-based protein powders to try.
weighted vest for workout

Should a weighted vest should be your new workout buddy?

Weighted vests can add extra challenge to just about any exercise routine. But they may not be for everyone. Here's all you need to know about weighted vests.
woman holding green juice in one hand and a phone in the other

Let it go to voice mail again? What to do about phone anxiety

Do you get uneasy when the phone rings? You're not alone. Let's talk about fear of chatting and what to do about it.
Bacon cheeseburger and French fries

TikTok gross out. Videos by fast food workers may cure your craving for junk

Check out the Tik Tok videos that reveal some of the ugly, behind-the-scenes-secrets of fast-food restaurants
Woman wearing a blue leather trench coat

A simple guide to dress for your body type this fall

Take a look at how to look your best this fall no matter what your body type.
Denim clothes hanging on a clothesline

Honey I unshrunk your shirt: Hacks for stretching your clothes back to size

You can fix your laundry fail by using these tips to unshrink your clothes
ashwgandha stress anxiety relief woman shopping supplements

What you need to know about taking ashwagandha for stress and anxiety

Ashwagandha is used to help treat or prevent a wide range of conditions. One use is to relieve stress or anxiety. Here's the lowdown on why and how it can help.
you could be sabotaging your workout without realizing it woman recovering

You could be sabotaging your workout without realizing it

You might be your workout's worst enemy. Here's why.
Friends sitting outside in the fall

These 5 Instagrammers are making us so excited for Fall fashion

Check out the fall fashion trends making a splash on Instagram
expert build stamina improve endurances three people running

Our guide to building stamina and boosting endurance

Building endurance is a key part of any exercise routine. But where to begin? Our guide to endurance and stamina shows you how to start improving your cardio.
diastisis recti exercises core couple planking diastasis

4 effective diastasis recti exercises to help restore your core

Also known as abdominal separation, diastasis recti occurs in pregnant women and others who may be overdoing it in the gym. These four core exercises can help.
Woman sitting on couch working on laptop hunched over coffee table

WFH? You might have pandemic posture, and you need to fix it

There's a term for that slump that's developed in your shoulders since you've been working from home. It's called pandemic posture and you need to fix it fast.
jump rope weight loss woman with

Is jumping rope your new weight loss solution?

Jumping rope is back in style. But can it help you lose weight? We looked at the science to find out if the humble jump rope can aid in melting away the pounds.
workout injury woman ice pack

How to know if you’ve injured yourself during a workout

We're all familiar with post-workout soreness. But how can you tell if you've actually injured yourself? Here are some important ways to tell the difference.
Two spoons with liquid and pill form of collagen with the word in scrabble blocks.

5 great collagen supplements under $25

Collagen supplements are all the rage. This dietician recommends the best ones.
best kettlebell brands home woman

Good, better, best: The best kettlebell brands for your in-home gym

Kettlebells offer a range of total-body benefits that dumbbells can't match. Invest in any of these three kettlebells to take your home gym to the next level.
beginner vegan tips healthy woman burger

4 important vegan tips every beginner should know

It's easier than ever to switch over to a vegan diet. Are you thinking of making the leap? Here are four things to be aware of to ensure a smooth transition.