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work core in every workout and throughout the day man exercises office

How to engage your core during every workout and throughout the day

You don't need to spend hours in the gym in order to get in a good core workout. Use these easy exercises and sneaky tips to engage your core wherever you are.
micro workout can boost metabolism 43 man jog

No time to exercise? These micro-workouts can boost fat metabolism by 43%

If you find yourself struggling to squeeze in the gym, a micro-workout or "exercise snack" might be the answer. They're proven to ramp up metabolism in seconds.
Sunflower seed butter in a bowl

4 best no-nut butters that will help you forget peanut butter

Do you have nut allergies? These nutless spreads are so delicious you won't care.
exercise band to strengthen hips woman

How to use an exercise band to strengthen your hips

Exercise bands are versatile and suitable for lots of areas of the body. Here's how to use these portable powerhouses to easily strengthen and tone your hips.
Woman screaming holding 'Happy Thanksgiving' sign

More angst than thanks: Dealing with family discord during Thanksgiving

Differences in political and religious beliefs, values, family history and more can make the Thanksgiving table a place of strife for some
two people holding hands

How we help ourselves by helping others

Lending a hand to a friend or volunteering for a good cause not only helps the cause but can improve your mental and physical health.
improving communication in relationships couple couch

You should try these 6 tips to improve the communication in your relationship

We can always work on our communication skills, which are critically important in any relationship. These 6 tips will help you connect and communicate better.
Woman wearing a faux fur pink leopard print coat

These 9 cute fall outfits will keep you warm and looking adorable

These cute fall outfits will keep you warm while looking on trend.
argument resolution couple sad

Tired of having the same fight with your partner? How to finally get over it

Often times in a relationship, couples will notice that a certain argument will come up over and over again. Here's how to break that vicious cycle forever.
exercise resistance bands best multiple

Good, Better, Best: We help you find the right exercise bands

Resistance bands are all the range for both novice and more experienced exercise buffs. Here we scour the internet for the three best options in exercise bands.
Woman wearing black knee-high boots

The best fall boots for 2021 for making you look on trend

It's boot season! Here are the best styles you need to check out right now.
best meal replacement bars woman protein

Consumers have decided: these are the best meal replacement bars on Amazon

Meal replacement bars are everywhere these days. But how to find the best one? Look no further than your fellow shoppers, who rate these bars highest on Amazon.
Family dressed up as ghosts for Halloween

10 last-minute Halloween costume ideas you can find on Pinterest

Need some last-minute Halloween costume inspiration? Here are some easy Pinterest ideas for the whole family
how to tell weak core woman slouching desk

4 telltale signs you have a weak core

Your core helps power your body through your daily life. And if the core muscles are weak, it can cause problems. Here's how to tell if you have a weak core.
diet breast cancer woman superfoods blender

Scientists say these 8 foods may reduce the risk of breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in America. From peaches to leafy greens, here are eight foods that can help reduce the risk of this disease.
woman doing a core workout at home

Here’s how doctors say you should treat diastasis recti

There's a lot out there on how you should treat diastasis recti - we've compiled doctor's top advice.
vegan halloween chocolate woman

6 best vegan chocolate treats for Halloween

Whether it's for trick-or-treating or a more sophisticated soiree, vegans need not sit on the sidelines with these plant-based Halloween chocolates on hand.
importance self care woman relaxing after work

Putting yourself first doesn’t mean you are selfish. Really.

There are many, and we mean many, demands on a person's time and energy these days. Some good, old-fashioned selfishness may be the key to restoring balance.
Woman In White Crew Neck T-shirt Lying on Bed

Melatonin vs. Benadryl for sleep: Which is more effective?

Read this before you reach for Benadryl or the melatonin.
left out at work tips woman office exclusion

Feeling left out at work? Follow these tips to get back on track

Feeling excluded at the workplace can be difficult to navigate. These communication tips and tactics can help you work through this challenging situtation.
best home rowing machines woman machine

These are the 4 best rowing machines for cardio at home

Rowing improves cardio and strength, making it a true total-body workout. It's also a workout you can easily do at home with these four rowing machine models.
Carved pumpkin, candles, and fall leaves

Need a cheap and funny Halloween costume? You can buy these online for under $60

Here are 5 funny Halloween costumes you can purchase online for under $60
Plus-size woman wearing a bold patterned dress set

5 great places to find plus-size fashion you’ll love

Try out these five great places to find plus size fashion you love online
Woman wearing a crochet tank top with a sunflower on it

That 70s (fashion) show: How to rock the latest throw-back trend

70s fashion trends are hot again. We show you the hottest styles and how to wear them.
body measurements weight loss woman tape measure

This is the correct way to take body measurements for weight loss

Stepping on a scale simply isn't enough to best gauge your weight loss. Instead, take these body measurements to help you track your progress more effectively.
jump ropes woman rope home

3 jump ropes under $15 to add to your home workout gear

A jump rope is a versatle and effective piece of equipment for home exercise buffs at all fitness levels. Here are the top four jump ropes available under $15.
hiking meet up groups woman view foliage hike

The 3 best Meetup groups for fall hiking in New England

Once the weather turns cool, New England is the epicenter for fall foliage hiking or "leaf-peeping." These 3 Meetup groups all organize hikes across the region.
intimacy issues relationships couple lack

Experts tell us why intimacy issues spell trouble for a relationship

A loss of physical or emotional intimacy can take a serious toll on a relationship. Two relationship experts weigh in on what a loss of intimacy really means.
first date tips couple

6 clever ways to get to really know someone on a first date

First dates can get awkward pretty quickly if you don't have the right conversation starters. Here are six tips to keep the dialogue flowing all evening long.
Tall woman wearing a trench coat

Our 5 favorite Insta accounts for tall-girl fashion

Check out these long-legged Instagram fashionistas for tips on dressing if you are tall
Woman wearing an orange long-sleeve shirt

The comfiest long-sleeve T-shirts for women

We show you long-sleeve T's you'll love to layer or wear alone
sartorius muscle foam roller woman thigh

How to stretch the sartorius muscle with a foam roller

The sartorius muscle is the longest muscle in your body. Here we show you how to stretch out that sartorius muscle at home using the ever-trendy foam roller.
Man wearing patterned button-up shirt

3 men’s clothing subscription boxes to fit any budget

We look at the options available for men looking for curated clothing collections
Happy woman wearing jewelry on a sunny day

6 black-owned jewelry companies you should check out right now

These black-owned jewelry companies offer some of the most unique bling you'll ever see
shoulder exercise woman stretching

Best exercises to prevent frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder can last for many months and even years. Here's how to know if you're at risk and how to prevent and treat this painful, frustrating condition.