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best tea for weight loss

The best teas for weight loss in 2024

Discover effective teas that can aid in your weight loss journey. Start losing unwanted fat through this natural and healthy option.
best nasal spray bottle

The best nasal spray bottles of 2024

If you need medication or saline solution to alleviate nasal congestion or allergies, you’ll want a nasal spray bottle that’s hygienic and protective.
best gentle face cleanser

The best gentle face cleansers of 2024

Washing your face is an essential part of any skincare routine, and a gentle face cleanser ensures you don't harm your skin's natural moisture barrier.
best high frequency wand

The best high frequency facial wands of 2024

Want to indulge in a spa-quality skin treatment at home? These high frequency facial wands can nourish your skin while combatting common concerns.
best feminine hygiene products

The best feminine hygiene products of 2024

Looking for safe products to enhance your feminine care routine? Discover the best feminine hygiene products of 2024 for ultimate comfort and protection.
A set of nails with fun nail art.

Do you do your nails at home? Try these three highest-rated nail polish strips

If you are looking for an easy way to give yourself a great manicure at home, try these nail polish strips.
Natural nail polish

10 fun fall nail trends you should try right now

These are the hottest nail trends and colors that you need to try right now.
a beauty shot of a woman with straight hair against a brown background

Yes, you can straighten your tight curls

You love your curls, but sometimes you want smooth hair. We tell you how to get it.
Peach cobbler in a baking dish

10 indulgent desserts you can make in a 9×13 pan

If you have a 9x13 pan, you can whip up dozens of delicious desserts in no time at all. Here are the recipes for your first 10.
websites recipes whats on hand woman looking in fridge

No time to shop? These websites will help you whip up a meal with what’s on hand

Time and money can be big obstacles to cooking at home. But these three sites help you prepare meals using the ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

Good, better, best: Water filtration systems for the home

These are the best water filtration systems you can get.
Two women in winter wear with glowing skin.

The 7 best (and worst) foods for your skin

Healthy food and supplements can help protect your skin in winter. We will tell you how.
latest workout trends group hiit training

Workout trends – what’s popular, and why

The fitness world is shaped by an endless drive to engage both us and our bodies in ever newer and more creative ways. These are the top workout trends today.
woman's feet on bathroom scale

Gained weight during COVID-19? How to lose the ‘quarantine 15’

Much like college freshmen often gain 15 pounds, many of us have also gained weight during the pandemic. We discuss why that is and what you can do about it.

You should incorporate these healthy breakfast foods into your diet immediately

These breakfast foods are healthy and delicious. Here's how to make them.
a bowl of nutritional yeast on a wooden table

Why you should add nutritional yeast to your diet right now

If you've never heard of nutritional yeast and its many benefits, it's time you found out
Homemade everything bagel seasoning and bagels

Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel copycat recipe: Easy homemade everything bagel seasoning recipe

People rave about Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel seasoning. Here's how you can make it at home.
A woman drinking kombucha

Ditch the coffee: Caffeine-free ways to boost your energy

About 85 percent of Americans drink at least one caffeinated beverage every day. These caffeine-free foods and beverages provide an energy-boosting alternative.
A woman pours tea

This is our ultimate list of best-tasting low-caffeine teas

While caffeine is viewed as safe and healthy, sometimes people may feel a need to lower their intake. These low-caffeine teas are the perfect happy medium.
A woman drinking tea

What you need to know about caffeine and tea

Tea is a popular beverage, and many tea drinkers look to caffeinated varieties for extra pep. Check out this guide to caffeine and your favorite cup of tea.
a woman holding herbal supplements

Why magnesium and valerian root are great natural supplements for anxiety

Is it possible to treat anxiety with natural supplements? We'll give you the facts
yuka app translates product labels woman reading food label

Overwhelmed by product labels? Yuka lets you know how healthy products are

Reading product labels can be confusing. But Yuka, a free phone app, helps cut through the noise, providing easy-to-understand info for millions of products.
do fitness tracker blood pressure monitors work

Do fitness tracker blood pressure monitors really work?

Most fitness trackers include a blood pressure monitor. But do they really work?
Various vitamins in wooden spoons.

How to choose the best supplements for constipation

Try these supplements to treat your constipation before turning to laxatives.
hair types for leave in conditioner antonio gabola l2 pr655dz8 unsplash

Is leave-in conditioner right for your hair type?

We tell you everything you need about leave-in conditioners and how they will work with your hair.

What you need to know about organic wine

What exactly is clean wine? Here's what you need to know
running essentials woman fence

Don’t go running in your neighborhood without these 5 things

There's a lot more to running gear than sneakers and shorts. Many products exist to help improve safety and get the most out of your run. Here's our top five.
running sand improves body on beach legs

Beach running for your next workout: What you need to know

Beach running brings more than a change of pace to your workout. Here's a rundown of all the health benefits of—as well as some solid advice for—beach running.
genius products for small space

Finding your way in a new town when you have to relocate for work

Adjusting to a new home for work (or any other purpose) can be nerve-wracking and lonely. Here are some tips for helping you fit in and get settled in now time.
Woman blowdrying her hair

Prime Day hair dryer deals 2022: Top 3 picks, from $20

Prime Day 2022 is finally here! If you're in the market for a new hair dryer, these three will give you power and style at discounted prices so don't hesitate.
a journal, pencil, and coffee on a desk

Useful items to have around the house

Have fully charged devices, find the right ambiance, keep your family safe, and keep the power on with five useful items for your home.
love language definition couple gift surprise

Unique gifts for a unique friend

These five completely unique gifts are perfect for anyone in your life.
wine accessories

These handy products will come in use in your home

Check out these 4 products that will come in use at home.
a corner of a kitchen counter. there's a floating shelf above the counter with greenery and kitchen supplies

Spice up your kitchen with these items

These kitchen items are beautiful and functional for special moments at your home.
housewarming gifts excited woman attending a female friend s party

Gift ideas for a new homeowner

Here are some unexpected and practical gift ideas for a new homeowner that they'll really use.