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sign that says self care isn't selfish

Enhancing ourselves with cello playing

Self enhancement by playing a cello can be a great way to not only learn this wonderful skill, but also increase our mental focus.

Healthy lifestyle items that you need

The healthy items that would make you live a healthier version of you.
boost brain instruments music woman playing violin

Personal improvement with a violin

Personal improvement through learning to play a violin is an endeavor that brings great additional benefit to concentration and focus.
A woman with pink hair talks on the phone while working

Keep your phone handy with these helpful lanyards and cases

Wherever you're off to, you can stay hands-free and worry-free when your phone is secure in one of these helpful lanyards.
no1 diet according to usnewsworldreport family eating

5 supplies helpful for caregivers

Caregivers have a very important role to fill in helping others maintain a quality of life and health.
woman with red apron using rolling pin in kitchen

Innovative kitchen tools any cook will appreciate

Simple, innovative kitchen tools any cook will appreciate.
woman with massage

Supplies for your household and your health

Items that you need if you are not feeling well or you wanting to promote your health.
gift ideas preschooler

5 fun art kits for the creative kids in your life

Make spending time with the kids in your life fun and educational. Try an art kit or STEM activity kit for hours of creating, learning, laughing, and bonding.
q tips in a white basket on bathroom counter

Essential items for a home first aid kit

Having essential items in our home first aid kit will ensure we are ready for whatever might happen.
change look bedroom instantly

Bed items that you need in your home

Your bedroom is the place where you gain ideas and newfound energy.
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5 great items for healthy floors

Floor cleaning is a constant chore because floors are constantly dirty. Creating healthy floors means attending to this cleaning need frequently.
Women taking a painting class

How to host a perfect paint party at home

Looking for a fun and creative way to get your friends together? Host a paint party at your place and let your inner artist run wild!
Mint, basil, and herbs in pots on a table

Fun and quirky accent pieces to liven up your space

Bring personality to any room in your home with these fun and quirky accessories.
music therapy anxiety two women playing piano

5 great percussion instruments for our kids

Encouraging our kids who are interested in playing percussion instruments is a wise idea.

5 items for the aspiring ukulele player

The ukulele is one of the most accessible instruments to learn how to play. Here are five helpful items to make your learning experience go smoothly.
woman in home workout

5 exercise posters to up your workout game

Here are 5 exercise posters to up your workout game and help you get in shape.
balance ball vs office chair woman

Turning our spare room into an office

When we have finally decided to turn our spare room into an office, we have several options.
Two boys looking at a tablet with their mom in the background.

5 great horns for beginning musicians

If we, or someone in our life, are taking an interest in learning to play an instrument, these horns are great for beginning musicians.
woman listening to music on yoga mat

Musical items that you need in your life

Musical items that you and will enjoy playing in your spare time.
Apple products and electronics neatly all over a desk

5 office accessories to increase your productivity

Struggling with time management and productivity at work? Find out how you can use these five office accessories to make your workday easier and get more done.
housewarming gifts excited woman attending a female friend s party

Great games for outdoor parties

Outdoor parties are a great occasion to have games planned for the children and the adults.
An action shot of a woman running while wearing compression stockings

The things we need for our activities

The items that you need for your daily physical activities.
Mint, basil, and herbs in pots on a table

5 ways to bring that garden goddess vibe indoors

Whether you're sprouting seedlings or hanging plants, bringing the garden goddess vibe into the comforts of your own home is easier than you might think.
A woman snacks at her desk

Upgrade your home office space with these 5 items

With so many people working from home, it is important to have a dedicated home work station. Check out these 5 items to get your space ready to work!
A woman experiences posture issues while working.

Making an office oasis at home

Making our home office an oasis is important for sparking our creativity and productivity.
A young teen on her phone with her parents in the background.

5 great gifts for teens and pre-teens

When it comes to finding gifts for teens and pre-teens, sometimes we are searching for ideas. Here are some to help us choose the gift that will delight them.
music therapy anxiety two women playing piano

5 instruments for children that will inspire their creativity

A list of instruments that children will enjoy playing that will inspire creativity
gift ideas preschooler

5 items to spark creativity in kids

With a little bit of help we can encourage kids to explore their creativity.
you got this written in white chalk on black pavement

Add another skill to your repertoire with a musical instrument

Learn a musical instrument for a new skill and to improve brain functionality.
Friends toasting at an outdoor party

Tips on getting ready for an outdoor party

Having an outdoor party in our own backyard is a great way to enjoy the good weather with family or friends.
boost brain instruments music woman playing violin

Get a brain boost by learning new instruments

Check out these 5 instruments to give your brain a boost
gift ideas for older kids

5 cute gifts for a baby shower

A baby shower can be a lot of fun for everyone involved. Here are cute ideas for great gift for the baby.
a woman with dark curly hair sits in front of a canvas and paints, surrounded by brushes in jars and paint bottles

5 items you can use to give your brain a break

Anyone who lives in the modern world is guilty of multitasking, and your brain could use a break. Here are five items that can help you refuel and reset.
woman sleeping

Spruce your bed with these comfy bedding accessories

Brighten up your room with any of these comfortable bedding accessories.
the best driving gloves to keep your hands warm

Car accessories to stash in the trunk

Having a few supplies on hand in the car can make a difference in terms of safety and peace of mind.