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The best nasal spray bottles of 2024

best nasal spray bottle
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Do you use saline water to keep your nose dry or prescribed nasal drops to reduce allergies or clear nose blocks? The nasal bottles found at medical stores are disposable, so you can’t use them over and over again. Plus, you can’t carry saline water or essential oils in them as the caps are integrated with the bottles. This is why you should get one of the best nasal spray bottles of 2024.

They’re available in packs of two to six units, giving you the freedom to carry different medicines at a time. You can find both glass and plastic bottles with amber or blue-colored bodies to prevent UV radiation from altering the medicines’ chemical composition, including our top pick from Snoot!.

The best nasal spray bottles

Snoot! nasal spray bottle

Snoot! nasal spray bottle – Best overall

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This pack comes with two 30 ml nasal spray bottles to help you store different medical solutions in them. The bottles are amber-colored to protect sensitive medicines from UV rays that can change chemical composition when exposed. Thanks to their outstanding temperature resistance, they won’t form cracks or undergo reshaping. They also feature a medical atomizer to spray 1 ml of mist per pump with precision and accuracy.

You can easily reuse them once you run out of nasal solution, ensuring no additional waste or environmental damage. Their stainless steel pumps are non-corrosive and come with a protective cap and safety clip. The screw-top closures are leak-proof and can easily be opened to fill the bottles with your medicine. Sturdy and temperature-resistant construction along with a precision atomizer have made this pack the best on our list of nasal spray bottles.


  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Stainless steel pump to last long
  • Amber body prevents chemical degradation


  • Cost is on the higher side
relaxus nasal bottle spray

Generic nasal spray bottle – Improves shelf life

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From saline water to colloidal solutions, you should consider grabbing this pack of nasal spray bottles for multiple purposes. Its amber color body prevents UV radiations from changing the chemical composition of the medicines stored inside, regardless of exposure duration. This also improves the overall shelf life and eliminates the frequent need to refill the bottles with fresh medical solutions.

Thanks to the convenient spray pump design, you can customize the sprays when essential oils are involved. You can easily carry the bottles to different places in your purse or bag, owing to their small size. On top of this, a small pipe is connected to the bottle’s spray pump, ensuring you can spray the medical solution easily.


  • Two bottles per pack for separate medicines
  • Compatible with different medical solutions
  • Customizable nasal spray for essential oils


  • Might not work with highly viscous liquids
premium vials nasal bottle spray

Premium Vials nasal spray bottle – Maximum quantity

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With six bottles of 60 ml each, this pack allows you to store multiple medicated solutions, saline water, and essential oils according to your needs. They feature a Boston round neck, which is considered to be tougher and more durable than any other shape. They also sport a slender body so that you can easily store them in your purse or bag and carry them while traveling.

Due to their clear, blue-colored body, the stored solutions won’t undergo any chemical degradation, even when exposed to sunlight for a long time. The long, tapered nozzle easily fits inside the nasal cavity, ensuring the spray mist doesn’t flow out of our nose. On top of this, the long pipe curls at the bottom, eliminating the need to tilt the bottle every time you spray the solution.


  • Reusable bottles reduce environmental waste
  • Blue-colored walls protect stored solutions
  • Holds a large volume of liquids


  • Spray mist might not be precise
nomija nasal bottle spray

Nomija nasal spray bottle – Environmentally-friendly

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If you want spray bottles for storing nasal solutions, saline water, essential oils, and perfumes, this pack of five bottles from Nomija is made for you. Each bottle is made from environmental-friendly, BPA-free plastic, so you can rest assured about the safety of the stored solutions. They are designed to spray mist with optimal precision, ensuring you receive the recommended dosage of nasal drops, neither less nor more.

Owing to their lightweight construction, you can carry your medicine or perfume to different places. They also come with a plastic cap to prevent contamination of bottle opening from pollutants. The two wings on either side of the bottle make it easy for you to press and spray a fine mist of liquid.


  • Ideal for carrying to different places
  • Refillable bottles for longer use
  • Can be washed with clean water


  • Bottle capacity is only 20 ml
wolfmoon botanicals nasal bottle spray

Wolfmoon nasal spray bottle – Great value

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This pocket-friendly nasal spray bottle is suitable for storing colloidal solutions, saline water, and other medicated nasal sprays, offering you a great value for money. Its amber-colored body protects the stored solutions from UV exposure and prevents chemical degradation, ensuring your safety.

It sprays a fine, white mist with a precise amount to ensure you receive the recommended dosage per pump. Made from PET, these bottles are reusable, BPA-free, and shatter-resistant, offering you peace of mind. The material is also long-lasting and highly durable, so you don’t have to get another pack soon.


  • BPA-free material to keep solution non-toxic
  • Screw top cap prevents leakage
  • Long-lasting and durable material


  • Cannot prevent accidental spray
best nasal spray bottle
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Nasal spray bottles: A buying guide

Nasal spray bottles allow you to carry saline water or your medicines without any hassle. But when you have so many products in hand, picking the best one is not an easy task. If you don’t pay attention to the material, volume, calculated dosage, and other features, you may end up with the wrong bottle. Keeping this in mind, we have curated a buying guide for nasal spray bottles to help you make a wise purchase decision.

Benefits of using a nasal spray bottle

  • Nasal spray bottles feature a slim and slender body to help you carry them easily
  • The conical tip helps you insert the bottle into your nasal cavity and spray the mist
  • Most bottles are designed to spray a precise volume of mist per pump

How to choose an ideal nasal spray bottle

Number of units

Each pack comes with a different number of nasal spray bottles. This is why you should decide which product to choose before proceeding further. The choice will depend on your usage and requirements. For instance, if you seldom use a nasal spray, get a pack of two bottles, as that will suffice your needs.

Similarly, if you want to store your medicine and saline water separately, you need a minimum of two bottles. On the other hand, if you use nasal drops frequently or wish to store multiple medicines, saline water, and essential oils, go for a pack with three or six bottles.


Most nasal spray bottles are made from glass, owing to the material’s durability and longevity. Glass can last for a long time despite being exposed to consistent wear and tear. But these bottles are likely to break if you accidentally drop them or collide with something hard.

This is why you should go for plastic or PET bottles. They’re long-lasting, scratch-resistant, and also cheaper. A few PET nasal spray bottles can also resist shattering when dropped on the floor accidentally. If you have chosen a glass bottle, ensure the material resists temperature and doesn’t change shape in the long run.


Most glass nasal spray bottles have an amber-colored body because it prevent chemical degradation from UV exposure. So, the medicated solutions kept inside will be intact and safe for use. A few packs have blue bottles. This color can also prevent UV rays from changing the chemical composition of the medicines. Plastic bottles usually have white bodies as they do not allow UV lights to penetrate the walls.

Precision spray

When you use medicated nasal drops, it is crucial to get the right dosage per pump. Anything more or less than the recommended dose can prove to be ineffective for you. This is why you should choose a nasal spray bottle featuring a precision atomizer. This technology sprays a fixed amount of mist per pump, like 1 ml of the medicated solution.


You should look for a pack of nasal spray bottles that can be reused again and again without any hassle. You just have to wash it properly before you can fill another medicated solution. It also reduces environmental pollution and saves a lot of money since you won’t have to buy a new pack every time the bottle gets empty.


It is crucial to check if the chosen nasal spray bottle has a leak-proof design or not. If the bottle’s screw top is loose or the construction is not of high quality, medicines or any other solution stored inside will leak.

Tips when using a nasal spray bottle

  • Open the nasal spray bottle and soak the parts in lukewarm water for five to ten minutes
  • This will sterile the bottle parts and make them safer to use
  • Take them out of the water and wash them thoroughly
  • Now, fill the bottle with the dedicated medicine or saline water
  • Put inside the pipe and close the screw top
  • Tilt the bottle and squeeze it slightly to ensure the solution doesn’t leak from the mouth

Common questions about nasal spray bottles

Do I need to sterilize the nasal spray bottle?

It will be better if you sterilize the nasal spray bottles by washing them in lukewarm water for a couple of minutes.

Why isn’t the nasal spray bottle’s pump not working?

Sometimes, you won’t be able to press the bottle’s pump, no matter how much effort you put into it. This mainly happens due to a blocked pump or the wrong attachment of the screw tap.

Do glass nasal spray bottles come with a carry pouch?

No, the nasal spray bottles made from glass don’t come with any carry pouch.

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