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5 tools to make your perfect cup of coffee

It might be tempting to stop by your local Starbucks or Dunkin’ every day on your commute, but making your own coffee at home can save you money and time. Buying coffee might seem like a small expense, but it can add up quickly. If you spend $4 on coffee every day, that’s $20 a week!

Making your own coffee at home also guarantees that your cup will be made right every time — during a morning rush, it’s easy for baristas to be overwhelmed and make small errors. No one knows what you like better than yourself, so a home-brewed cup is the easiest way to ensure perfection every time!

Making your own coffee at home can be a great way to save money, but you don’t have to sacrifice luxury for savings — you can still make a great cup on your own! Whether you prefer lattes, cappuccinos, or just a plain ol’ cup of joe, these products can help you create your perfect pick-me-up drink!

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