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5 must-have items when baby proofing your home

If you’re expecting a little one soon or your newborn is becoming more mobile, chances are you’re spending a lot of time looking around your home and trying to spot hidden dangers. It can be easy to become obsessive about it, but you don’t need to be. While there are items you want to keep away from little one’s hands and mouth, there are others you can put in to help ease your mind a bit, so you don’t spend your day in a constant state of worry. Amazon sells most everything you’ll need to baby proof your home like a professional, and here are a few products we believe will help your baby stay safe (and you to stay sane).

While we know there are many other items you may stumble upon when baby proofing your home (and car), these are our picks for some of the top gear you’ll need to feel confident about your baby’s surroundings as they grow. If you’re ever unsure how to use a product, make sure you read all the instructions for set up so you know they are all being used as they should. Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy watching your child explore their new world.

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