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These 5 chic serving trays are perfect for your next party

Half the fun of throwing a dinner party is arranging food in an elegant way to impress your guests! Once you’ve found your perfect charcuterie board inspiration, you need to find the perfect board to display your arrangement.

Choosing the board that’s right for you can involve a number of factors. How many people are you feeding? For everyday use or small parties, a smaller board may be all you need. For a more elaborate spread, or if you find yourself throwing a lot of dinner parties, it may be best to invest in a larger board.

A good charcuterie board combines good food with an artful display. You should be able to appreciate your food, and eat it, too! The best part of creating your own board is getting to choose exactly what you want to put on it — there are no limits! Whether you are displaying your favorite cheeses, fruits, cookies or olives, finding a board that fits your needs is an important part of crafting your display.

Decide which board fits best for your needs to determine what to buy. Are you creating them for yourself, or serving a party? What kinds of things will you be displaying? Will it need to be moved often? No matter what your needs, there’s sure to be a board out there to fulfill them!

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