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Amazing teas to try to add spice to your self-care

A cup of tea can become a key part any self-care routine. The drink has a long storied history of healing in Eastern cultures, and the smell of the spices coupled with the impact of ingredients can do a lot to restore the body and soul.

Whether you take your tea in the morning or the afternoon, a good cup of warm liquid can help warm up your body and provide more natural, long-lasting energy. These products also contain ingredients that can detox the body, helping you reach weight loss goals and boost the immune system. Variety is the spice of life, and a variety of teas in your pantry can make your life healthier.

Tea has been a tradition in many places in the world for centuries because even before scientists could name the properties, people knew that the liquid made their bodies and minds feel better. These days, the natural ingredients and spices make it easier to find the tea that tastes great and also helps fulfill your health goals.

A daily cup of tea is a great way to spice up your self-care in one of the healthiest ways possible without indulging in something too sweet or sacrificing taste. While warming your body, trying some tea can also lift your spirit. Your body and your mind will thank you for it.

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5 kits to jump start your food garden

Do you dream of growing your own food or, at least, some of it? More people are not only trying gardening, but taking deliberate steps to rely on buying food less. When starting out, it's important to grow food that you'll actually eat. That said, it's also important to have fun when you grow things! Here are five growing kits that not only grow delicious, nutritious food, but food that is easy and beautiful too. Each kit includes everything you need to grow: biodegradable pots, compressed soil discs, plant markers, detailed planting instructions, and of course, seeds.

From flowers to onions to black corn, food is amazingly diverse. Growing your own food can be so rewarding and it's easy with the right tools and instructions. Kits like the ones above are a great way to start your food garden. Remember to choose foods you love, follow the instructions, water your plants appropriately, place them in appropriate sunlight, and transfer to new pots when necessary. Before you know it, you'll be ready to harvest your first crop. Enjoy the fruits of your labor immediately or preserve and store them for a future recipe. When you grow your own food, you'll find the flavor of success is that much sweeter.

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Rejuvenate your self-care routine with these 5 fun ideas
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Establishing and maintaining a self-care routine is an important factor for managing stress and maintaining physical and mental health. Self-care can look different for everyone, and no two routines will be the same; you just need to find out what works for you. These are five great products for hobbies and activities that you can do in order to relax, introduce some fun into your day, and potentially learn a new skill. We recommend trying all of the following activities to see which resonate most with you – you could find a new hobby you’re passionate about that will continue to enrich your life for years to come.

We think these products would be a great addition to any self-care routine; learning a new skill or diving into a new hobby or even just taking the time to sit and reflect upon your day can be immensely beneficial. Once you carve out time in your day just for yourself, you’ll be surprised at what a difference it can make to your well-being. A casual hobby done purely for enjoyment can lower stress levels and boost creativity, meaning you might find that your musical ability, artistic know-how, or writing ability might improve other aspects of your life in unexpected ways.

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Great oven mitts to keep your hands comfy in the kitchen
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A pair of good oven mitts not only makes your time in the kitchen more enjoyable, but also helps to keep you safe, too. When you choose oven mitts that truly protect you against hot temperatures and that have good grip, you’ll have a steadier hold of your pans and dishes and are less likely to drop hot items. But finding the right pair of oven mitts can take some searching, which is why we’ve highlighted these five quality options. They’re durable, offer a great fit, and are more than up to the task of protecting your hands when you’re in the kitchen.

When buying a pair of oven mitts, think about how you’ll use them and what type of protection you most need. If you’ll just be using them to lift hot plates and dishes, you might find a shorter mitt gives you more agility and freedom of movement. If you’re reaching into ovens or grilling, then a longer mitt with more protection might be a better choice. Make sure that the mitt you choose offers plenty of texture to give you a secure grip, and choose a mitt that’s resistant to high temperatures, since it will keep you more comfortable as you work in the kitchen.

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