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Woman looking at smartphone

Twitter is squawking about these 10 most-hated brands

These brands have the most negative comments on Twitter, but that doesn't necessarily add up to a loss in sales.
One world climate protest sign

How bad is global warming and is it too late to make things better?

A melting snowman sitting on grass

How climate change is affecting winter

Volunteers collecting food and clothing donations

This cool new tool from Apple helps you find great opportunities to volunteer

Person filling a reusable water bottle in the sink

7 easy things you can do to fight climate change

Woman standing outside looking at her phone

5 telltale signs that a social media post needs to be fact checked

Person holding a donation box

Too good to be true: 5 tips for avoiding charity scams

Two people holding hands outside

3 thoughtful ways you can support someone questioning their gender

climate change degree increases man umbrella inside out

If it’s just 1 degree, why is global warming such a big deal?

activities ally social justice people volunteering food bank

Do these 8 things to be an ally for social justice

child sitting on dry, cracked ground looking at small pool of water

How climate change is leading to unprecedented global drought

Woman enjoying a virtual happy hour

7 best fundraising ideas that are quick and easy

Two women looking at a computer

7 creative ways to raise awareness for a cause

There are many ways to raise awareness for a cause that is important to you; the only limit is your imagination. Read on for ideas to help you get started.
Person holding a sign at a protest

Do protests really work? What you need to know

People have been protesting to draw attention to issues of concern for countless years. But do protests work and what else is necessary to effect change?
Woman reading a book in bed

The best Juneteenth books to educate yourself on its history

These books are a great start to learning about the history of Juneteenth.
Person waving an LGBTQ pride flag

6 best ways to support the LGBTQ community during Pride Month (and beyond)

Here's how you can support the LGBTQ community during Pride and beyond.
Woman wearing a mask sitting at the airport

What you need to know about traveling after you’re vaccinated for COVID-19

Find out everything you need to know about traveling once you've been vaccinated for COVID-19.
Volunteers passing out water

Your iPhone has the only tool you’ll need to find ways to volunteer

If you're looking to volunteer, your iPhone can help. Here's how.
Flat lay of eco-friendly beauty products

How to make your beauty routine better for the Earth (and you)

Beauty products are not always eco-friendly — here's how to take care of the planet while caring for your skin.
Woman signing a petition

Does signing petitions do anything? What you need to know

This is everything you need to know about signing petitions.
Colorful food waste

How 5 apps help you live greener and reduce waste

These apps will help you cut down on food waste and help the environment.
Woman watching tv

6 documentaries on Netflix that can help you be a better ally

These documentaries raise important questions for allies.
Two friends shopping together

5 eco-friendly brands you can support on Earth Day

These eco-conscious brands are worth supporting the next time you have to shop.
Apricots in a reusable shopping bag

Earth Day is the perfect time to cut plastic out of your life — here’s how

With these simple solutions, you can cut down on the amount of plastic you use.
Woman on the phone while writing

8 great volunteer opportunities you can do from home

Here's how you can volunteer from the comfort of your couch.
Group of people looking at laptops

Why you really need to start fact checking everything you read

The internet is full of misinformation, so fact checking is a must. Here's what you need to know.
Person holding a sign declaring pronouns

5 great gender identity support resources to bookmark in your browser

These are the gender identity support resources everyone should know about.
Table of wedding gifts

Follow these tips to find an eco-friendly wedding gift

Wedding gifts can be eco-friendly — here’s how to buy the right thing.
Phone with Facebook open

The 7 best fact-checking sites to verify what you read on Facebook

With these fact checking sites, you’ll always be well informed.
Woman happily using laptop

7 virtual community service ideas that you can take part in now

You can support your community online in a variety of ways. Here are 7 ideas for volunteering.
Black woman fashion designer

How to discover and support Black-owned businesses during Black History Month (and beyond)

These are the best ways to find Black-owned businesses to support
woman sitting on chair with laptop

This is how you (and your family) can volunteer online

In a time where people are staying in, you can still give back from home. Here are some of our favorite resources
fact checking online woman research desk notes

How to fact check your favorite beauty brands

Fact-checking is vital in the information age. Here's how to do it right
People protesting for women's rights

Put your money where your mouth is by supporting women’s rights – here’s how

Women's rights should matter to everyone - here are some ways to support the ongoing movement.
Man wearing bold make-up

9 LBGTQ-owned beauty businesses you should know today

Support these queer-owned beauty businesses today and every day.