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This is how you (and your family) can volunteer online

Many people have found themselves stuck at home in the past year, unable to reach out to their local volunteer organizations. While some food pantries and small donation centers have been able to stay open amidst a pandemic, many other organizations have put their operations on hold.

Although you may be spending your days at home, there are still several opportunities available to engage in volunteer work. Volunteering online is an opportunity for the entire family to give back to your community.

Here are our favorite online organizations to get you back into the volunteering groove.

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Online transcription

Transcription is a crucial part of many online forms of documentation. Hundreds of thousands of articles, photographed documents, video, and audio footage are all waiting for digitization and online transcription. Transcribed, digitized documents allow people to access material without traveling to obtain or observe original documents and materials.

Project Gutenberg is an organization founded in 1971 with the sole purpose of making thousands of free ebooks and texts easily available to the public. This volunteer opportunity asks you to donate ebooks, digital texts, transcribe documentation, and proofread work.

Another site asking for volunteer transcription is Zooniverse. This organization specializes in research papers on zoology and space, but it also accepts transcriptions of Shakespearean works. As a volunteer, you join in on a project in one of these fields and work to transcribe physical data into the online database for students and researchers.

Translate languages

If you’re multilingual or know at least two languages fluently, you can volunteer your time to an organization like Translators Without Borders. This site asks volunteers to translate documents and other information for organizations specializing in crisis relief, health, and education.

Since this type of volunteer work requires some foreknowledge, you will have to undergo a language test to prove your fluency.

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Volunteer with United Nations

When it comes to bigger names in volunteering, the United Nations Volunteer network is extensive and impressive. There are multiple projects, events, and opportunities to take part in, making for a wonderful way to give back while also padding your resume.

Projects include transcription, writing and editing, art and design, project management, event planning, translation, research, Covid-19 response, and so much more. With such a broad range of projects to choose from, there is something available for anybody and everybody seeking to volunteer in their past time. The projects all differ in the level of commitment, so you can find a project that works with your schedule and free time.

Volunteer for digital work at the Smithsonian

If you are a history buff and love personal research projects, you may enjoy volunteering for the Smithsonian.

The Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. is the world’s largest museum, hosting thousands of historical documentation and ancient collectibles. The Smithsonian Institute has a Digital Volunteers program where people can offer aid in transcribing historical texts, analyzing undated or anonymous images, editing Wikipedia articles, and deciphering other historical artifacts as needed.

If you’re looking to volunteer from home, there are several opportunities available to you. While these are some of the largest names for volunteer work nationwide, many other options still exist, and they’re simply a few clicks away!

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