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A doctor writing the words "laser resurfacing".

What is laser skin resurfacing and should you try it?

Everything you need to know about how laser skin resurfacing works, how much it costs, if it is safe, and what you can expect.
A man patting his face dry with a towel.

Why you should invest in a humidifier to maximize moisture for your skin

the best feminine wash

5 essential beauty tools for your self care routine

A woman out in the winter weather putting on hand cream.

5 best moisturizing hand creams to combat winter dryness

A woman holding a lotion bottle.

Our favorite 6 natural body lotions are all under $10

A woman putting on lip balm.

You definitely want to check out these 5 vegan lip balms

closeup of woman wearing a red hat with beach in background

3 ways to keep your summer glow

Fall nail polish colors and fall leaves.

Get a jump on the hottest nail colors for fall 2021

A woman holding up a bottle of face toner and a cotton pad to use.

Demystifying toner: The 411 on what it is and choosing the best one for you

An aisle of Korean beauty products.

K-pop is fun, but what about K-beauty? The safety of products sourced in Korea

A woman holding up a serum bottle and an orange.

Why you should look for skincare products with vitamin C

A group of people jogging outside in the sun.

The best summer skincare routine for outdoor workouts

A woman holding tea bags up to her eyes.

How to reduce puffy eyes quickly

Plenty of sleep, and moderate alcohol and salt intake prevent puffy eyes. But if you need a little help, these strategies can reduce puffy eyes quickly.
A mom putting sunscreen on her child's back.

How to choose an all-natural sunscreen

Those chemicals in your sunscreen could get into your bloodstream, which may cause problems. Need help finding an all-natural sunscreen? We've got you covered.
A woman cleaning her face with a face pad and toner.

Is alcohol-free toner better? Why you should make the switch

This is everything you wanted to know about alcohol-free toners.
A woman applying face serum.

What you need to know about niacinamide for your skin

Niacinamide, a B-3 vitamin, reduces redness and acne, shrinks pores, and offers UV protection when applied to the skin. It comes in cream, gel and serum forms.
Two females cheek to cheek. You can tell they have a lot of bumps of acne all over their faces.

Hormonal acne treatments you should try immediately

Hormonal acne can be embarrassing. Here's how to treat it.