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Why you should invest in a humidifier to maximize moisture for your skin

No matter what kind of skin you have, the harsh weather and dry air of winter can do untold damage.

When the weather changes, it’s important to adjust your skincare accordingly. Your routine for the winter should include a gentle cleanser, a moisturizing and balancing toner, a daytime and nighttime moisturizer, an exfoliator like Ornami’s sugar scrub and SPF. It might seem like a lot, but our bodies need all the protection they can get. That’s why we want to introduce your skin to the benefits of having a humidifier.

woman using magnifying glass to show dry skin

Now, you’re probably thinking that humidifiers are only needed for babies and when you’re sick but many celebrities and skincare experts swear that humidifiers are the secret ingredient to having radiant skin during the cold months of the year.

Is it good to use a humidifier during winter? 

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD), humidifiers add the much-needed moisture that tends to be absent in our homes during the winter. That can be for a combination of reasons including your heating system, the type of house you live in, and the elevation of your location — the higher the altitude, the thinner and dryer the air. While people with dry skin are seldom surprised by the toll winter takes on their skin, people with oily, combination and normal skin can also experience extreme dryness of their face, hair, and body. Cracked feet, excessively dry hands, and bleeding lips are common to people who live in drier environments.

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The differences between warm and cool mist humidifiers

There are slight differences between the two. Regardless of which one you decide to use, your skin will thank you. Now if you are a busy parent or live with children you might lean towards a cool-mist humidifier. Not only are cool mist humidifiers more common, but they also cover more space and use less energy. So if you are looking to add a humidifier in a master bedroom or your home office, a cool-mist humidifier might be more practical for you.

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If you want a full spa-like experience at home, you can opt for a warm-mist humidifier. The warm-mist creates healthier air because it’s boiling air and killing bacteria. Because they pack a lot of power, they don’t cover a large room so they are good choices for your bedroom or bathroom. It’s important to remember that because they contain hot water, they are not child-friendly. If you prefer the option of choosing between cool and warm mist, there are humidifiers that offer both.

Once you decide which humidifier you want, you should try combining it with O’o Hawaii — a gentle skincare line that all skin types can use. These products can help repair UV damage and dryness. Use the product before bed and go to sleep with your cool or warm mist and watch your skin improve.

You can also use this limited-edition Emerald Rosehip Face Oil by Nakie Coquette. It is an anti-aging face oil that will leave your face and neck supple. Remember to wash your hands before moisturizing and consider putting on socks after you moisturize your feet to prevent dry, cracked heels. 

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Using a humidifier will not only help you breathe and sleep better, but it’s also an excellent way to complete your bedtime skincare routine. Whether you choose cool mist or warm, your skin will thank you.

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