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5 best moisturizing hand creams to combat winter dryness

The frigid air. Putting gloves on and taking them off constantly. Your house’s heat. The dry air. Constant hand washing. There are so many ways that the winter weather saps the moisture from your hands. Before you know it you go to pick something up and notice they look a little rough.

From opening your favorite snack to scrolling through your social media — your mitts get you through the day. The cold and brittle winter weather can make your hands want to give up helping you. That’s why you need one of these hand creams to give them a little love during the coldest months.

A woman putting hand cream on.

What should be applied to hands in winter?

  • Hand lotions contain a higher water content
  • Hand creams contain a higher concentration of oils

You need to apply hand cream, not hand lotion in the winter, for the extra moisturizing you need. Hand lotion is mostly water. It’s almost all water, really. Your dry hands need healing power that your normal lotion isn’t going to be able to deliver.

Hand creams usually are made of up to 50% oil, making them thicker and more luxurious. The oils create a protective barrier between your skin and the harsh, moisture-lacking air winter blows your way.

What is the best cream for extremely dry hands?

  • Fragrance-free
  • Thick cream
  • Look for ingredients like oatmeal and aloe vera

Look for a cream that is heavier cream and fragrance-free. The chemicals in scent, like alcohol, dry your skin and do more damage. Moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, oatmeal, aloe vera, and jojoba oil are preferred.

But which is the best hand cream for your chapped hands? Let’s check out five of the best hand creams to heal those winter blues.

Best for sensitive skin


Recommended by the National Eczema Association, this therapeutic hand cream won’t leave you with that greasy feeling where you can’t open anything. The fragrance-free formula contains ceramides that increase your skin’s lipids that make up the skin barrier. It will keep moisture in and keep irritating pollutants out. CeraVe is best for skin that’s sensitive, dry, and sore from being constantly washed.

Runner up – Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

A woman sitting on her bed putting on hand cream.

Best vegan

Pacifica Water Rehab Cream

You can never go wrong with Pacifica. Their vegan and cruelty-free products never compromise on quality. Their coconut probiotic formula hand cream doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like parabens, phthalates, or sulfates. This cream is especially for stressed skin, which during the winter, is all of your skin. Fine for all skin types, this cream will restore much-needed hydration night or day.

Runner up – First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

Best budget-friendly

Love Beauty and Planet Happy Summer Vibes Vitamin C and Juicy Mandarin Hand Cream

Love Beauty and Planet’s hand cream is cruelty-free and vegan with vitamin C to keep your skin soft in the harsh winter weather. It’s best for people with mature skin who are looking for a product with rejuvenation qualities. This plant-based cream uses ethically sourced and natural extracts and oils to keep your hands in luxury.

Runner up – eos Shea Butter Hand Cream

Best fragrance

Bliss Grapefruit and Aloe Body Butter

Some hand creams for dryer skin can have that medicated scent that lingers. You won’t have to worry about that with Bliss’s maximum moisture cream with grapefruit and aloe. The shea butter and coconut oil will help deliver a more refreshing scent that you will love to catch a whiff of. You won’t have flaky skin or rough patches after using this fast-absorbing, non-greasy cream. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, and filled with plant-based ingredients that make it feel and smell like you are giving yourself a spa treatment at home.

Runner up – Philosophy Hands of Hope Hand and Nail Cream

A man putting a pump of hand cream in their other hand.

Best unscented

Burt’s Bees Baobab Oil Ultimate Care Hand Cream

Not everyone likes fragrance in their lotions and creams. If you are one of those people, grab Burt’s Bees hand cream. Green tea extract, pumpkin oil, and watermelon seed oil blend to moisturize the driest skin to keep it soft. With 98.8% natural ingredients, the hypoallergenic and fragrance-free formula is best for sensitive skin and sensitive noses.

Runner up – Aveeno Skin Relief Intense Moisture Hand Cream

With all of the handwashing and hand sanitizing we’ve all been doing lately, it feels like everyone’s hands have been in perpetual winter mode. But in actual winter, your hands are constantly exposed to harsh conditions. It’s important to take care of your hands so for both health and comfort. Itchy and tight skin doesn’t feel great and doesn’t look the best either. Cracked skin can make you vulnerable to infection.

It’s a good thing that there are countless hand creams out there. Whether you need one without a fragrance, one for sensitive skin, or one that works with a tight budget, we have the best hand creams rounded up for you. So keep a bottle in your bag, by your bed, and in your bathroom to keep your hands protected against the elements and feeling soft and smooth.

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