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moving relationship stress partner couple serene

How to avoid clashing with your partner during a stressful move

Moving is not fun, no matter the situation, and that can cause stress between you and your partner. Here's how to manage stress and conflict on moving day.
Narcissist woman

How to deal with narcissistic parents effectively

Narcissists can inflict emotional and mental trauma on those around them. Unfortunately that can include children. Here's how to address narcissistic parenting.
rowing workouts man woman

Rowing: Fabulous workout or total fad?

Rowing has become a trendy way to workout. We tell you everything you need to know about this type of exercise.
work from home snacks diy sweet potato fries

6 incredible DIY snacks for when you work from home

Working from home doesn't have to mean snacking out of prepackaged bags. These 6 snacks -- three sweet, three salty -- can guide you through your next craving.
12 3 30 trend two women trying treadmill

Is the 12-3-30 workout trend one worth trying? Experts weigh in

When a social media influencer devised a simple treadmill workout, she probably didn't expect it to become a national sensation. But is it safe?
Black woman fashion designer

How to dress for your body shape

If you need to dress to impress, knowing your body type is critical. Here's how to figure out your shape (and tips and tricks for dressing well for it).
long distance jealousy problems couple relationship

Try these useful tips to address jealousy in a long-distance relationship

Jealousy is common in many relationships, especially long-distance relationships. Follow these steps to understand emotions and communicate with your partner.
A woman cooks vegan food

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner: The 3 best vegan meals for beginners

You don't need cooking experienced to be a vegan. Don't let the unusual ingredients fool you; these three recipes have you covered for each meal of the day.
A woman says no to sugar

What you need to know about erythritol, sugar’s sweet cousin

Sugar alcohols are a popular alternative to higher-calories sweeteners like sugar. Among these, erythritol is particularly popular. But is it really better?
A jealous couple on their phones

Feeling jealous? How to avoid a toxic relationship

Jealousy can arrive quickly, but it sure can take its time leaving. Are you or your partner dealing with excessive jealousy? Here are some tips to address it.
what foods in season mother and son produce shopping

Your complete guide for knowing what foods are in season

Buying seasonally means fresher, tastier, and even less-costly fruits and veggies. Here's your guide to the freshest produce available for all four seasons.
A woman shops for leafy greens

Feed your brain with these memory-boosting superfoods

Confusion and memory loss are fairly common, especially in older adults. But what can you do about it? Try these superfoods to stay sharp and boost your memory.
A father and son eat no-nut butter

How to make your own no-nut butter

No-nut butters are gaining popularity, but they can expensive. Why not make your own? Follow this easy, healthy recipe to make delicious no-nut butter at home.
A couple on bikes

How to keep conversations fresh in a long-distance relationship

Good communication is a necessity in a long-term relationship. This is your guide to communicating the right way when there are big miles between partners.
A couple chops a tomato

What can you eat on a Whole30 diet?

It feels like the Whole30 nutritional plan is everywhere these days. But it's been around for over a decade. Here's what you can't and can't eat over 30 days.
Man and woman virtual date

3 adorable virtual date ideas for new relationships

Virtual dating can quickly get repetitive. But a little creativity and a few common interests can go a long way. Check out these 3 adorable virtual date ideas.
nut butters digestion family eating peanut butter

Are nut butters easy to digest?

Nut butters made from peanuts, almonds, cashews, and other nuts are well-known for being nutritious as well as delicious. But can they be difficult to digest?
A couple cooks shishito peppers

How many carbs are in shishito peppers?

Shishito peppers are the hot trend on the Ameican culinary landscape. Low-carb diets are all the rage too. Do shishito peppers fit with the low-carb profile?
Couple communicates

We need to talk: Tips for effective communication in relationships

Relationships are emotional, and communication is the key to keeping them strong and healthy. Here's how to perfect the art of communication with your partner.
A woman eats spinach

Add potassium to your diet with these 11 foods

Getting sufficient potassium means more than just bananas. Only a tiny fraction of U.S. adults have adequate potassium intake each day. These 11 foods can help.
A woman snacks at her desk

Keep these healthy, homemade snacks at your work desk

Keeping healthy snacks at your work desk helps maintain energy and prevent you from getting too hungry. Homemade snacks like these can also be cost-effective.
A woman feels excluded

What to do when you’re anxious about feeling left out

Sometimes FOMO (fear of missing out) is real. If you've been excluded from a social gathering, it can be a triggering experience. Here's what to do about it.
A woman with low energy

Boost energy naturally with these 5 supplements

Low energy can affect everyone at one point or another. Research advances have shown that we can boost our energy with these five nutritional supplements.
heartburn symptom management stomach woman

Heartburn symptoms flaring up? Here’s what to try

Heartburn can be challenging to manage. Here are some ways you can treat heartburn symptoms at home, either by preventing them or treating them once they arise.
facial massage headaches woman pressure points face

Banish headaches with these at-home facial massages

Massages are more than relaxation. You can manage headaches at home with these simple head and face massages. Give them a try the next time a headache pops up.
ashwagandha supplement benefits woman researching supplements 2

Ashwagandha – what this supplement can do for you and why

Ashwagandha can offer lots of health benefits, from reducing stress to relieving joint pain. Here's all you need to know to find out whether it's right for you.
A woman experiences posture issues while working.

Slouching at your desk? Here’s how to train yourself to stop

It's easy to ignore less-than-ideal posture while you work, but there can be lasting consequences. Here's how to train yourself out of a bad slouching habit.
A man stretching legs for plantar fasciitis.

What plantar fasciitis is—and how stretching helps

Plantar-fasciitis can sound daunting, but it doesn't have to be - give these stretches a try.
A woman uses boxing exercises to stay fit at home.

Work these 5 exercises into your daily after-work routine

Working remotely can mean many hours of stting. Practicing these five simple exercises can help you work off all the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.
Three people practicing tai chi

Trigger your body’s self-healing process with these 8 daily actions

Bodies have the power to heal themselves, but sometimes they need a little help. Implement these 8 simple actions to reduce stress and trigger self-healing.